Monday, November 29, 2010

after a holiday...paper plane flying contest?

easy as pie dress from anthro
i know you know how it feels.  that day you return to work after a __ day recess. :) hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday.  i sure did.  pictures to come.  as well as my wish list.  but today is paperwork and consult catch up day. happy monday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

some may say i'm a warrior...i'd say a muddy mess

 The messiest, muddiest race that I've ever ran.  Started with Kerby Lane pancakes, breakfast with Chase and Mark, the drive and the race

kerby lane gingerbread pancakes

playing yahtzee on the htc phone on the long drive

the long long wait to get in the gate

climbing the ropes

running thru fire!
mud pool at the end...i got behind the biggest guy on the course...was hoping he didn't sit on me!

finishing 28:42 17th in my age division, 104th overall
the muddy mess that i was at the end
So thankful for:
LaRae and Tyler- letting us stay with them
Christine and Austin- for their coupon (haha) to Santa Rita and their company at dinner
LaRae- for the yummy pumpkin choc chip cookies
Katie and Will- for sharing your bathroom with one muddy girl post-race because they didn't have showers!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

never a bad friday...

truly is wonderful (and I am thankful) to reach another Friday.  woke up to DYNAMITE on 102.9 this morning on the radio- i found that the radio set on an upbeat station was more likely to wake me than the obsurd beeping noise that most alarm clocks make.

this weekend's forecast: warrior dash, meeting new friends of chase's, austin, and the rooted

there truly aren't bad fridays...i haven't figured out if it's the anticipation that i love so much or the fact that i have finally reached completion of another hard week of working and taking care of my residents. :) either way, i think fridays are well deserved.

i am still working on a title for the closing of my blog- but i had quite an experience yesterday, when my resident, who we'll call Mrs. Aloha went to the beauty shop and returned with a new do and new eye brows.  my fair-skinned, 90+ yo female who i love dearly returned with a grin ear to ear after getting made-up in the beauty shop.  she said she'd been there since 1:30 (it was now 4:30) "i spent half my life upstairs and spent all my money, but i hope it looks good."  looking at me and two of my precious co-workers, we look at her face and see the thick, dark brown stained brows that now look like sharpie tattoos someone had painted on her face.  "how do they look?" she asked with a smile.  immediately leading into more questions back to back- "are they too dark?" ..."well, do you think i look better?"  morgan, standing in front of her says, "Mrs. Aloha, i think it's best for you to look at them yourself and make that decision." she showed her the eye brows and she said, "oh no! we have to do something about them.  they look just terrible."  about that time, her son walked into the room and looked at her, and she looked back and said, "what do you think?"  he replied, "mom, where do catepillars come from?"  we busted out laughing...almost couldn't contain myself.  what a sense of humor.  hope to see thinner ones today. :) i am thankful for my residents- they are teaching me how to take life less seriously.  it's not worth getting too overwhelmed, too stressed, too is fleeting. i hope i reach 90+...what a story i'll have to share.  thank you Lord for all the blessings you've given to me and the places you're taking me to show me your will and your way.

and ps. ANthroPoloGie opens today in University Park Village- check her out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sometimes I wish...

House Beautiful
Sometimes I the middle of the afternoon that I could curl up on a big, comfy sofa, read a good book with a cup of hot earl grey tea, and relax.  So here's to those who have this wish today, too. :) Happy relaxing....(on a somewhat stressful Thursday).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wonderful wednesday...

Haven't quite posted enough of what I am thankful for in the past couple days...oops. 
I can name a few off the top of my head, though:
1. laughing with wonderful friends - Lauren, Morgan, and Holly- you are precious to me!
2. chase- all of his encouragement, wisdom, and patience
3. when ppl come back from sick leave :)
4. early nights to bed
5. mornings when i don't have to rush
6. dentist visits- cavity free!
7. Trish! and gel nails that DON'T mess up. :P

I am looking very much forward to the following days with friends and family as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  I have so much to be thankful for...all of which the Lord has given me.

On a side note- I want to develop a section at the bottom of all my blog entries where I offer a funny quote, word of wisdom, conversation from one of my wonderful residents.  I'm working on a title....but here's to today's post- (I must give credit that this was spoken to one of my sweet co-workers/ friends and not to myself, but it is all part of the environment here, so encouraged today by the hilarious words from Mrs. Luggage)
Res: Honey, you're not married right? (looking at my friend sitting beside her in the Res' room)
Co-W: No, I'm not.
Res: Well, honey, remember you always have build-a-buddy.
Oh,  if only it were this easy.  I have not a clue how this little 90+ y/o lady knew about build-a-bear, but I am quite convinced that it is very applicable to some of my most-adored single lady friends...if only we could all go to Ridgmar Mall and build-a-buddy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"his and hers?" the butcher asked

so many things to be thankful for today. 
1.  my chase and his honest self
2.  my veterans that we celebrated with i have heard many war stories in the past year
3. rainy fridays- kind of relaxes me for the cool weekend ahead
4. the Lord placing me in the nutrition field- i truly love helping people understand it more in how it relays to them getting better, ...whether it's suggesting to a resident what to not eat with a colostomy, encouraging the check out lady at CM "how to get rid of her bloat," or suggest to chase and his friends the headache free way of eating...i love my role as a dietitian and nutrition coach
5. women of accoutability

thursday night filets
It's been a wild and crazy week for the most part.  Trying to finish out strong while enjoying it along the way.  Here's a peek at our Thurs night dinner.  I surprised my Mr. Wonderful with filets from CM....cooked off  with rosemary, mushrooms, Chilean red wine, and paired with red baked potatoes.
she: "Chase, come here, how done do you want your filet?"
he: "Medium" then he gets up to look at it.... "Remember I can't see red...  I'm sure it'll be great."
Never underestimate the great cooking skills of a dietitian- even if she isn't much a beef person. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

cool fall mornings...

although i am notorious for waking up at the last minute and trying to cram in getting ready before work, i took the time to enjoy the weather this morning.  even overlooking the no-sun-cloudy sunrise.  i am so happy that it's fall.  i am thankful today for our Texas weather and the break from the sunshine today...just to enjoy some clouds...and perhaps a sprinkle or two, so i can wear my raincoat home. :)

van wrinkler sweater from anthro
Countdown (8 Days) to Anthropologie opening in University Park Village- November 19th. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

My wonderful sister turns the big 22 today.  So happy that she's in my life and that we get to share so many memories together.   Sarah,  I hope you have a wonderful day...if you were here we'd eat cake, but you're not so I guess we'll have to settle on massages when you get home!  Make it a wonderful day ....if it's your birthday or not.  :)


November 9th- yesterday was a wonderful day.  For many reasons, but mainly because I'm was happy to be thinking of things that I am thankful for...the list truly can go on and on.  So, to put it into words I would say that I am thankful for opportunity.

For a job where I get to work with a team of people 
The chance to see old friends and the chance to meet new ones.

The opportunity to praise the Lord for all He has done. :)
Today is a wonderful day.  Think about the wonderful opportunities that you've been given....I promise you'll be less likely to dwell on the "nots or cannots" and celebrate so many wonderful things.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I heard it was November...why am I still stuck in August?

So, I'm a little behind ...I can't really understand how November approached so quickly and how I am so not ready for it to be Christmas yet.....I guess it means, I've been working too hard. ;)
I don't have all the time I need to post all of my wonderful pictures from the past two weekends, but they are definitely wonderfuls...if I can say that.?? :)  And after reminiscing over them, I feel like it couldn't be a better time than, friends, Chili cookoffs, football, brisk mornings, and the beginnings of Christmas music in a couple of my favorite retailers...

My Thankfulness continues with...
November 6th- being able to sleep in on Saturday mornings.  For those of you who know me best, you know my passion for running and training for marathons (see below).  This came to a screeching halt about a month or so ago.  I had been training for what would have been my marathon weekend coming up on Nov 14th- Fort Worth Marathon when I broke down.  Physically, mentally, everything stopped.  I fell running in the dark and tore up my leg badly (thank goodness for the Lord and His protection, Amie on the road with me, and these).  The days following were ok, but I knew that the Lord had stopped me in my tracks for a reason.  Not to mention the family hx I have of knee and hip replacements.  At 24 yo- I want my legs in 100% condition...or as close to it as possible.  Running was not getting me there.  I am still a happy exerciser---just enjoying it from my 2nd floor apartment, with Bob, Jillian, and Windsor.

Laura and I mile 5 at WR Marathon 2008- excuse my facial expression,
I was really excited to see my friends Ana and Fern

Finishing the Bass Pro Half 1.44.46 (my first one!)- Nov 2008

Sarah and I celebrating in MO! :) Then we got bagels at Panera...
it was a whopping 7:30 in the morning people!
November 7th- Hot Days and Chili Nights- rather, I am thankful for wonderful gatherings of people who come together to enjoy each other, eat good food, and go home FULL.  (beans can do that sort of thing...when you don't eat them every day).  I suggest these or peppermint tea.
The Best City Group Table at the Event
(if I can say-so myself) :)
weatherman Jeff Jamison
November 8th- being able to love on my two precious cousins (as they grow up so fast!), Maddie and Cutter over  Halloween part of Halloween weekend, seeing Fancy Nancy and Spiderman. :)

So as we continue on in November, be thankful for the big AND small things...

Friday, November 5, 2010

the reading glasses...

First off, I am thankful for Jesus getting me through this crazy, long week AND for Him to give me another Friday to share with special people in my life as well as my residents. 
**ray bans like Mrs. Chardonnay's**

Second off, last night I learned a lesson through a lost pair of reading glasses.  "All I want to do is read the paper...and I need my glasses"...she said.  "Would you help me?"  Exasperated, it was close to 7 pm, I had my bags in my hands, ready to walk out the door, and really the last thing that I had in mind was walking around a huge facility (which - to note had been filled with about 200 guests yesterday evening for an open house) to look for a pair of glasses.  Her glasses could have been ANYWHERE....and I mean anywhere,  BUT I did.  I put my bags down, searched the dining room, sunroom, nurses' station, the hallway, talked to housekeeping, my dietary staff, nurses, guests, one had seen any glasses.  I returned to her in the middle of the hallway and said, "Mrs. Chardonnay (not her name), I can't find one can."  She was so discouraged.  So, I told her that I'd push her to her room and we'd look some more.  And we did.  Everywhere.  I then said, "Mrs. Chardonnay, how about I talk with our staff tomorrow and we'll all search some more?"  This STILL wasn't what she wanted to hear, so I began to pat her little magenta colored velour sweatsuit jacket pockets.  One side and then ...the other.  "Let's check your pockets." AND there they were.  Her thick-framed, little reading glasses tucked inside her pocket.  She was thrilled.  She hugged me and thanked me for helping her and being patient in finding them with her.

I paused and said, "my pleasure."  Which, at the beginning was not the case, but at the end, knowing she would be able to read the paper and eat her breakfast today, was the truth.   I knew we needed to find them....and it was my pleasure in helping her.

Even when our last ounce of strength is used up, there is always more.  I promise.  It's been a very long week, but Jesus stopped me in my tracks last night when He showed me how HE works, and the timing HE has for his people.   Whether or not, my little resident remembers today or tomorrow that I helped her find her glasses isn't important, it's that I realized that my own interest of leaving to go home wasn't the priority.... I am thankful today.  For His will and way working in me.  :)

Happy Fall Friday.
**anthro coin purse cardigan**

Thursday, November 4, 2010

thankfulness continues...

I didn't get to post yesterday or the day before, so I am going to catch up my thankfulness posts today...triple time. :)
 Aunt Veneica's last days with her precious family

November 2nd-  I am thankful for my family- all of them.  This has been quite an interesting year for us, and it seems that the family has grown closer than ever before.  This first picture above was taken in late August with my Aunt Veneica, cousins Darcee and Keelie and 2nd cousin Eli (along with Mom, Dad, and Sar Bear).  This picture is very sentimental to me because my Aunt past away 2 weeks after this was taken.
2nd picture- Sarah and I this summer when she and Kyle were here for break.  I love this picture because it's so us.  Sarah- the most silly, fun, random sister in the world ...I love her.

November 3rd- Mr. Wonderful.  (this pic has been up before but I love it because it was one of the first times that we hung out and it brings back great memories) Truly a one-of-a-kind friend and boyfriend who has walked with me through some challenging events in the past few weeks. 

Today, November 4th- I am thankful for Thursdays-- the almost FRiDay!  A few girls at work and I wish eachother "Happy_________" on certain days when the others are looking down, discouraged, or just stressed out in need of a pick-me-up.  Fortunately, today was a happy Thursday.  I am always thankful for days when the air is crisp, work's getting done, and homemade pizza's for dinner.! ! ! mmm.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 1, 2010

10-1 wonderfuls.

10.  sleeping in after a long weekend and the morning sky staying dark long enough for me to stay asleep!
9.  getting to wear jeans at work on a Monday- to root for the Rangers as they come back from 1-3 games against SF Giants.
8.  coming to work and finding out that I won a contest on a friend's blog from college mille baisers. $35 gift card to CSN stores. I never win things!...but I did today.  Thanks, Lacey.
7.  knowing I have the evening off to relax, watch the Rangers (and hopefully catch Mom in her new shirt on TV), and spend time with Lola and Emma Grace
6.  for once, not feeling too overwhelmed by work...staying calm and collected even though so many things are rushing around me.
5.  i have 3 special friends' bdays in November...I just love birthdays.  I bet they'll enjoy theirs this year. :)
4.  homecoming with chase, a target excursion, fire pits at the Monty, baseball, phone chess, beef filets,.. and *Coke...might be the best sunday night I've had in awhile.
3.  warrior yoga try it. bob's 15 min abs is highly challenging...however, you can feel your awesome abs after 2 workouts.
2.  the return of art nights~ martes a la siete con mis amigas y sus arte, la comida, y la musica
1.  It's November, friends.  A month to remember all the things we're thankful for...what are you thankful for?  I'll start, I'm thankful for the year that I've had; a challenging one with many losses (illnesses, my aunt veneica, my great aunt, several friends without jobs), gains (my job, my new friendships, chase, the rooted church, sarah getting in to U of H Optometry school),  and learning along the way that Jesus has been my all - in every part of it.  How great He is!

What are you thankful for?