Thursday, February 23, 2012

that point when you're drained

what do you do when you almost collapse in a public place? i felt like collapsing in target today. luckily i had my buggy close to me.  seriously.  i was really tired, friends.

it's been an awesome (29 day) month.  i am excited to see the growth that i've made and the new patients that are on my case load, however, i have to admit that i haven't been taking care of myself.

staying up way past 11 pm, waking at 5am to exercise, not eating (enough), and when i do-never a complete meal, doesn't make a great dietitian at the end of the day.  you'd never know, unless you of course jumped in my car and chased me around for 10 hours.  however, you'd get so tired just hearing my 75 phone calls that you might fall asleep in the backseat with all my formula and feeding pumps. :)

but really, as lent has begun, my friends have asked me what i am giving up...i didn't have a strong lead towards anything.  now, come to think of it, it should have been pinterest. but, the pins just keep happening, so i think harder.

i give up overworking myself.

sounds easy, right?!

not so much.
this will mean not working 4 days at 12 hours a piece, not staying up after 11 every night, and not pushing myself to exercise if i haven't had at least 8 hours of sleep.  eating at least 3 meals/snacks and 64 ounces of water a day and way less coffee. i quite possibly drank 6 glasses today and 3 glasses of tea.

my friend, perry, wants me to give up coffee completely. by this, he wants my keurig machine for 40 days, however, i think i'd do more harm than good to those entering my space on a work day. caffeine has become critical these days to mental stamina. sad, but true.  but, drinking more water is definitely a must.

ok my spill is over now.  i need to be reading Ephesians, journalling my new goals, and resting (because I am skipping Perspectives tonight).

now...learn something from me. don't drain yourself to the point of collapsing in target.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

women who inspire me

i am thankful for some special people this week.  looking back over the past year, a lot has happened since last february.  i don't like to meditate on the past, events, loss, or areas where I have been broken, but i do like to pinpoint growth, His light that He has shown through key people in my life.

mom and mimi

Most would say that I take after my father's looks, my mom's caring heart and creativity, and I'd like to request that I take after my mimi's steadfast heart in unconditional love and support for family (maybe one day I'll exemplify it the way she does!). These two ladies show more love through their talents and thoughtfulness to me and the people in their lives than any ladies I know. I am truly thankful to share their character with you all.  Everyone deserves to have or adopt ladies like these into his/her life.


Only 2.5 years apart, but you'd never know I was the oldest. :)  To my sweet sister and dearest friend.  I am so honored to be able to share so many memories (loss and gain) with you this past year.  Yes, I remember all the times I slammed your fingers in the car "not knowing you were behind me" and those times that we played school, bank, OBGYN, massage therapist, and all the nights we've slept in the bed together "because there's really no reason to have two bedrooms for sisters as close as us."  I love you, admire you, and encourage you to continue sharing Jesus' love with everyone you meet and live life with.


A mi amiga, Ana. Hemos sido amigos desde la juventud. Hay demasiados recuerdos para escribir en este post, pero quiero que sepas lo mucho que están verdaderamente amó y perdió. Nuestros lunes por la noche las fechas de Skype sido perfecto! Estoy muy feliz de llamar a amigos, incluso si a kilómetros de distancia. El Señor se nos revela de manera sorprendente, y su historia, mi amigo es un milagro. Estoy sorprendido de su gracia y amor a través de su vida. Te amo, querida Anita.

the vill: abbi, waverlee, and bethany

I love these girls! Bible study, fellowship, prayer, art, laughter, tears, and food at Samuel's Village on Tuesday nights doesn't even begin to describe this relationship.  I want to mention these special ladies because they are my heart. I love living life with each of them on a weekly basis.  They sharpen me and love me and it's friends like these that Christ intended us to walk with in this world. Love you, ladies.


My darling-Jesus-loving-getting-kids-fit-Denver-living-Land-Cruising-hiking-friend that I miss so much!  Wendy and I have known each other since before we could drive.  Though we live states apart, we never miss a beat with each other. Whether through picture texts or prayers via phone, this girl is the example of a Christ-loving-seeking woman.  I am so blessed to share life with her.  

There are a two more ladies who I'd like to mention, but I do not have photographs of them. :( 

I will give them a special post when I find or take some....

I pray that those reading this post will seek or nuture relationships that bring out the very best/worst in you, in reverence and obedience to Christ, so that you might be sharpened and used for His Kingdom.  

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He's glorious

so, as the year continues to rev to full speed, i kind of want to say, "Hold on! Let's take this one day at a time." i am enjoying 2012.  so many things to be thankful for!  the month of january seemed to move along at its own pace, but february seems to be flying by.

so, i strive to live each day intentionally.

the new people i meet get my full attention, my patients get extra check up calls, my loved ones are receiving thank you notes, my bosses are hearing more praises and stories from me, and most importantly He is receiving praises for the glorious opportunities He's laid out for me. it seems that the days go by quicker these days and i run out of time.  haha even falling asleep on facetime just to see my sweet friend ana, all the way in mexico....however, not a day passes that i haven't lived it out to the fullest.

so i ask...what are you living for?  how has your perspective in the new year changed?  what have you been doing to change how you address your daily habits?

the results can be pretty interesting when you start focusing on relevant occasions, people, and give Him the glory.

:) hope you have a wonderful evening