Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wonderful wednesday...

Haven't quite posted enough of what I am thankful for in the past couple days...oops. 
I can name a few off the top of my head, though:
1. laughing with wonderful friends - Lauren, Morgan, and Holly- you are precious to me!
2. chase- all of his encouragement, wisdom, and patience
3. when ppl come back from sick leave :)
4. early nights to bed
5. mornings when i don't have to rush
6. dentist visits- cavity free!
7. Trish! and gel nails that DON'T mess up. :P

I am looking very much forward to the following days with friends and family as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  I have so much to be thankful for...all of which the Lord has given me.

On a side note- I want to develop a section at the bottom of all my blog entries where I offer a funny quote, word of wisdom, conversation from one of my wonderful residents.  I'm working on a title....but here's to today's post- (I must give credit that this was spoken to one of my sweet co-workers/ friends and not to myself, but it is all part of the environment here, so encouraged today by the hilarious words from Mrs. Luggage)
Res: Honey, you're not married right? (looking at my friend sitting beside her in the Res' room)
Co-W: No, I'm not.
Res: Well, honey, remember you always have build-a-buddy.
Oh,  if only it were this easy.  I have not a clue how this little 90+ y/o lady knew about build-a-bear, but I am quite convinced that it is very applicable to some of my most-adored single lady friends...if only we could all go to Ridgmar Mall and build-a-buddy.

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