Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sometimes it means going after it

have you ever wondered how to get that ever-so-saught-after-cheese? you know the one that will satisfy your belly's hunger while also tasting delicious?  i do.  put on your helmet and tuck in your tail, folks.

this picture speaks.

really, it makes me laugh and for the moment that's what i need.

i have been working really hard lately on certain patients that need a lot of extra assistance.  don't get me wrong, i love my job.  i've just learned the hardest way possible (fatigue/exhaustion) when to call it a day and to say, tomorrow will be.

so, today, as i sit in panera (taking my rare lunch while my phone charges), it catches my eye when an old man passes by outside with a little bag on his shoulder says "one person can make a difference." you're thinking, "hannah! really? this is so cheesy. he's probably be through rehab or cancer or something.  stop being so sentimental." but... here's what's going on inside my head, "those arduous hours that i've spent the past couple weeks, after-hours with patients, unclogging tubes in person, unclogging tubes over the phone, texting how to unclog tubes, talking about diarrhea, constipation and every other normally uncomfortable bodily movements, hearing one of my pts might pass away after days of working to do all i can...those days i might actually make a difference."

there are so many stories.  i've got to become a better story-teller.  it's kind of something chase makes fun of me about...haha.  i try to let the story be interesting in itself.

here i am reminded of all the parables and stories that Jesus told.  obviously, i do not hold his story, however i want to remember that He is the model for the perfect story- the one of His life.

as Easter, so quickly approaches (Hello, April!), i just want to remind you that there is a story to life.  one life can make a difference.  how will yours?