Sunday, July 21, 2013

summer grub

summer recipes that we've tried and really enjoyed:

Zesty Chicken Marinade
2-4 T. Bragg's Liquid Aminos (excellent alternate to soy sauce for those with allergies or are sensitive to the sodium in soy sauce)
2-4 T. Apple cider vinegar
Lemon Juice
Squirt of Dijon mustard
Pinch of black pepper
Pinch of sea salt
1/2 c Low-sodium chicken broth
Bragg's Organic Sprinkles Herb Blend (salt free)
3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (preferably organic)

Two methods: 1) put all liquid ingredients and herbs in large freezer bag and place in chicken breasts, refrigerate for 30-hour (or overnight). Preheat oven to 375 and bake for 25-35min or until chicken is cooked through the center, and juices run clear. (you can also grill them)
2) place all ingredients into a large baking pan, cover with lid or foil, refrigerate (and cook as listed above)

Served with asparagus and roasted root veggies

Faux-ice cream sundaes
(We use a Yonanas Maker)
2 frozen bananas cut into quarters (must be frozen)
2 T. PB2 powder
Dash of cinnamon
Pecans (toasted, if desired)

Process bananas through Yonanas Maker. Stir in PB2 and cinnamon, sprinkle nuts on top.  Eat! (This can definitely be modified based on preference...bananas are recommended, and a great addition to any flavor of faux-ice cream that you and your family make. Try bananas+raspberries or bananas+raspberries+blueberries

No image, but trust me...YUMMO!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Updates: cleansing and puppy love

I haven't posted any updates, because friends, A) this week flew! B) I'm not eating enough carbs and well, we all know that our brains run on glucose C) I'm drooling over all my fav (currently hands-off) recipes, while trekking through Pinterest and my recipe collection and knowing all along that my brain's not working creatively enough to make some truly delicious tonight. 

No lie. 

I miss mushrooms, almond butter, chocolate covered powerberries, AND tonight I miss our usual Friday night homemade pizza.

I am enjoying fresh pineapple, berries, hard boiled eggs, toasted almonds, Mrs Dash and marinating with apple cider vinegar and Braggs herb seasoning (salt free).

This process is refining me. {wining over}

Thankful for today! 

We got a pup. {I heard you. You said, "awe!"} Chase said yes on Wednesday night and we picked her up today! {insert:another shrill from
all of my excitement}

Her name hasn't been confirmed (we take this very seriously), but I assure you it will be something just as precious as she is.
She is a Yorkie. Her birthday is 5/12 (an even number day in my birth was destiny), and weighs 1.6#. 
So far she loves naps, car rides, and looking cute. {we just got home}

 She's is adjusting well.  She has her cousin, Emma her until Tuesday, so hopefully they cuddle and Emma teaches her how to chew rawhides and not my flipflops. 

I'll post my new fav recipes this weekend that we tried this week and really enjoyed.  All grumbling aside, it's been a good week. ;)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The cleanse and being well

I start off with, our summer has been fantastic! We have now seen Kelsey, Brett and Bennett, traveled to Vegas with some of our dearest friends, been leading and spending time with our city group, celebrating The Aguilars and The Forsythes through we are breathing for a moment. It's fun to take it all in. It's fun to live in a community of people that enjoy celebration, family, and quality time.  It's a blessing to have our two families so close.  It's memorable to be spending our first year of marriage, surrounded by such amazing people and participating in new events....yet we want to stay well and healthy.

As all of the fun will continue through the fall (marathon training, more friends having babies and getting married, etc) I decided to take a break from my normal food routine (diet, pattern of eating, whatever you might call it), and cleanse/renew/focus on Christ through it all.  Some of my friends/readers may say, "You're a dietitian, don't you eat well all the time?"  or "You eat better than 95% of normal people," or..."why do you need to lose weight?" I laugh thinking about some of the replies that I've heard. Well, folks, it's really not about any of those things.  Being obedient to the Lord in the way that I am treating my body is my primary purpose. Taking a break from things like: beef, dairy ( mozzarella), fungi (mushrooms), caffeine, chocolate and wine (for Chase: whataburger, mashed potatoes, pizza and chick Fil a).  As a "foodie" these things are some of my favorites to cook with, eat/share with others, and are lovely things that were created for enjoyment. We are just resting from them for a bit. 

So the cleanse starts tomorrow. 
Chase will be on it for 10 days.
I will go for 24 days (maybe more).

I will probably get headaches.  
My training runs will probably max out at 4 miles.
My sleep cycle will probably improve. 
My skin will improve (trust me, I will be drinking a gallon or more a day of H2O)
My heart, mind and body will thank me. 
And most importantly, I will focus on things that matter: Christ and his creation. Us. I cherish how He created me with detail and purpose in mind. I'm excited. 

We will continue to eat with you, friends.
We will continue to pursue cool, fun restaurants - even if it means smelling your dinner and glass of wine (Stacy) until we can eat all of it again.

Hope you are treating your bodies well and finding strength in Christ alone. 

My CM run tonight brought it a few gems... Here's to our week for $80! :) 
(Only wishing I still had all my CSA veggies)