Monday, August 24, 2009

Seize Each Opportunity

I have been reading a devo book called, Come Away My Beloved. Within the book (p 122), there is an entry titled, Seize Each Opportunity. It reads:

Behold, as the lilies of the field, and as the grass, so your life is but for a season.
Yes, though you flourish in health, yet your time is short.
You have no sure promise of tomorrow.
Therefore live each day as though it were your last.
Seize each opportunity, knowing that it may be the last.

For it is certainly true that no situation presents itself twice the same. The opportunities of today are not those of tomorrow.
Do not live as though they might be repeated.
Do not fail to enter every open door, or be held back by a feeling of unreadiness. I Myself am your preparation.

I will give you the needed grace and wisdom for each moment as it comes, and you will rejoice in the victory. For I will overcome timidity, and I Myself will displace inadequacy.
This is My work. I will do it Myself through you if you allow yourself to be a channel for the flow of My Spirit.

For I Myself am the life. I Myself am your wisdom and your strength, even as I am your joy and your peace.
I am your victory. My word is power, because My word is Spirit and Truth.

Do not bear needless burdens. They will only press upon your spirit and interfere wtih my movings. Much remains to be accomplished.

Linger not over what appears to be an unfinished case. Pass on. My spirit will continue to strive though you give no further thought. In this way your mind shall be kept free and your path open, an it shall always be a new way.

Keep moving always, and from life to life I will accomplish My purpose.
And know that as I work, all things work together, ao that there is gathering strength, and there shall be glorious consummation. Praise God!

If this speaks to the hearts and lives of people, His people, we WILL do something about it. We will always allow the spirit to love us matter what the circumstances are, whether we have money or no money, whether we have health or lack of, whether we are the best at something or the worst...God's will always prevails. Always. So, let His mercy fall on us today. Let His words be a lamp unto your body. Seize each opportunity because He knows the path ahead.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back Up

I'm back up.

Sometimes it takes falling flat on my face before the heavenly Father to learn that living is a blessing.

Much has happened in the past couple of weeks.
1) starter went out in car
2) house broken into and purse, camera, and laptop stolen
3) car overheating

But in it all, there's a blessing.

Spoke to my sweet friend Wendy today. She and her husband just moved to CO. She's working on great things for the Lord there. I love hearing how God's passion and love spread across the world.

For God so Loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him, will have EVERLASTING LIFE. John 3:16