Friday, November 5, 2010

the reading glasses...

First off, I am thankful for Jesus getting me through this crazy, long week AND for Him to give me another Friday to share with special people in my life as well as my residents. 
**ray bans like Mrs. Chardonnay's**

Second off, last night I learned a lesson through a lost pair of reading glasses.  "All I want to do is read the paper...and I need my glasses"...she said.  "Would you help me?"  Exasperated, it was close to 7 pm, I had my bags in my hands, ready to walk out the door, and really the last thing that I had in mind was walking around a huge facility (which - to note had been filled with about 200 guests yesterday evening for an open house) to look for a pair of glasses.  Her glasses could have been ANYWHERE....and I mean anywhere,  BUT I did.  I put my bags down, searched the dining room, sunroom, nurses' station, the hallway, talked to housekeeping, my dietary staff, nurses, guests, one had seen any glasses.  I returned to her in the middle of the hallway and said, "Mrs. Chardonnay (not her name), I can't find one can."  She was so discouraged.  So, I told her that I'd push her to her room and we'd look some more.  And we did.  Everywhere.  I then said, "Mrs. Chardonnay, how about I talk with our staff tomorrow and we'll all search some more?"  This STILL wasn't what she wanted to hear, so I began to pat her little magenta colored velour sweatsuit jacket pockets.  One side and then ...the other.  "Let's check your pockets." AND there they were.  Her thick-framed, little reading glasses tucked inside her pocket.  She was thrilled.  She hugged me and thanked me for helping her and being patient in finding them with her.

I paused and said, "my pleasure."  Which, at the beginning was not the case, but at the end, knowing she would be able to read the paper and eat her breakfast today, was the truth.   I knew we needed to find them....and it was my pleasure in helping her.

Even when our last ounce of strength is used up, there is always more.  I promise.  It's been a very long week, but Jesus stopped me in my tracks last night when He showed me how HE works, and the timing HE has for his people.   Whether or not, my little resident remembers today or tomorrow that I helped her find her glasses isn't important, it's that I realized that my own interest of leaving to go home wasn't the priority.... I am thankful today.  For His will and way working in me.  :)

Happy Fall Friday.
**anthro coin purse cardigan**

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