Friday, November 19, 2010

never a bad friday...

truly is wonderful (and I am thankful) to reach another Friday.  woke up to DYNAMITE on 102.9 this morning on the radio- i found that the radio set on an upbeat station was more likely to wake me than the obsurd beeping noise that most alarm clocks make.

this weekend's forecast: warrior dash, meeting new friends of chase's, austin, and the rooted

there truly aren't bad fridays...i haven't figured out if it's the anticipation that i love so much or the fact that i have finally reached completion of another hard week of working and taking care of my residents. :) either way, i think fridays are well deserved.

i am still working on a title for the closing of my blog- but i had quite an experience yesterday, when my resident, who we'll call Mrs. Aloha went to the beauty shop and returned with a new do and new eye brows.  my fair-skinned, 90+ yo female who i love dearly returned with a grin ear to ear after getting made-up in the beauty shop.  she said she'd been there since 1:30 (it was now 4:30) "i spent half my life upstairs and spent all my money, but i hope it looks good."  looking at me and two of my precious co-workers, we look at her face and see the thick, dark brown stained brows that now look like sharpie tattoos someone had painted on her face.  "how do they look?" she asked with a smile.  immediately leading into more questions back to back- "are they too dark?" ..."well, do you think i look better?"  morgan, standing in front of her says, "Mrs. Aloha, i think it's best for you to look at them yourself and make that decision." she showed her the eye brows and she said, "oh no! we have to do something about them.  they look just terrible."  about that time, her son walked into the room and looked at her, and she looked back and said, "what do you think?"  he replied, "mom, where do catepillars come from?"  we busted out laughing...almost couldn't contain myself.  what a sense of humor.  hope to see thinner ones today. :) i am thankful for my residents- they are teaching me how to take life less seriously.  it's not worth getting too overwhelmed, too stressed, too is fleeting. i hope i reach 90+...what a story i'll have to share.  thank you Lord for all the blessings you've given to me and the places you're taking me to show me your will and your way.

and ps. ANthroPoloGie opens today in University Park Village- check her out!

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