Friday, August 24, 2012

His beautiful ways

it's quite an eventful year for us.  as we have been preparing since may for our wedding this october, i have learned a few things.

1. sleep is under-rated.  i crave it these days as i plan for the big day, manage a full time job, and try to stay involved with family and friends.

2. planning weddings are over-rated. yes, i mean this.  i believe that if i had this to do all over again, there would have been a destination involved, 50 people, and a much less time in between saying "yes!" and "we do."  it's been an amazing adventure.  i really think that time creates other stresses if you let it, so...i am trying not to "let it" :)

3. Jesus' love is so sweet.  it's an amazing thing, really.  i smile when i type this.  if you know me, i have struggled/still struggle with a multitude of self-perfecting, imagine-driven, and people-pleasing tendencies.  selfish-yes. sinful-yes.  lack of trust in our Savior-yes. this is where i tell you that planning a wedding, marriage, and a new home doesn't make that any easier.  however, even in these silly things, He has shown me even clearer-- His truths and never-changing love for us, His children.
-  His amazing grace after a day of hunting for krylon mirror spray
-  His provision of our first home
-  His guidance and helping me grow relationally with the most fabulous women i've ever known
-  His provision with a car and free service even when mine has broken more than 5 times
What is my favorite thing He's showing me? how my time spent for Him, multiplies my chances of seeing His beautiful ways and giving praise to Him for all of it!

Praise Him for this journey.