Sunday, October 30, 2011

not the halloween-y kind of girl

it's been a full weekend of people watching -- seeing adults of all ages dress up and walk the streets of fort worth looking interesting (actually silly).  it's never been my thing to dress up for halloween.  so, for the parties that we went to, i brought yummy baked goods.  last night- sugar cookies with sprinkles.  fan fave at the party...and it took me back to the days when i got to bake every week.

so today- being a sunday.  resting, and watching lottsa football.  i baked a pumpkin loaf at the boys' place.  by the time, the loaf came out of the oven, they were both drooling over it and saying my baking always makes their place smell better. ;) ladies we know the way to a man's heart...don't we??  make their condos smell like baked goods and let them eat them. :)

on the baking note, it's definitely reached fall in north central texas, and it thrills me to wake up in the morning and need a sweater!  i love the fall.  not quite ready for the christmas tunes, but i am getting there....  just a few weeks and it'll be thanksgiving.

what do you enjoy about the fall?

here are a few of mine:
fall walks via here
Grilled cheese and tomato soup via here
hot drinks via here
tweed, stripes, and florals found via here
boots and boats found via here

have a wonderful week!
xx, h

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sales, thank yous, and oldies

so 1/2 my job is marketing/sales.  i told my mom tonight, "I am quite the little sales woman." and, regardless of what all my past professional dreams (oh you know, age 6 gynecologist,  age 10 banker, age 15 teacher, age 18 artist, age 19 interior designer, age 20 chef, age 25 dietitian....), i sit in awe at where the Lord has brought me.  haha. i never thought medical sales would fit, but it does, and i am learning that the most genuine people have the hardest time breaking into the realm of sales (ie field of hyenas in Lion King), yet gain and sustain the best relationships (i like to think of Jesus, here).  i laugh as i write it....thinking as humans we will never be complete in our jobs, life, etc, but oh, how thankful i am to have a Savior who is complete and exhibits to me what  "not lacking in anything" as referenced in James (1:4) looks like. it takes faith, perseverance, and being open to trials.  thank you Lord for showing me the ultimate faith, perseverance and being willing to undertake the ultimate trial, death.

so, this leads me into thankfulness.  i thank the Lord for my current situations (instability, missing answers, missing questions, uncertainties, etc) and He reminds me of the grace He gives and the complete control He has of my situation.  what have you given praises for?  what is the Lord revealing in you in this season of your life?  how is this tearing you down and humbling you?  have you witnessed the hope that is there with sacrifice?  if not, what are you waiting for?

i am always reminded of life when i visit my residents ( i know you're thinking, but they're 80+ years old!). true, but as i visited two of my favorites tonight...helping them pick out their pajamas and turn on the rangers game, i thought to myself how life looks so different for us...yet we all have the chance to live it.  i am so amazed at how different the times were in the 30s and 40s compared to now....yet people remain people.  all i can think of is what my life represents, and most importantly why would i even consider living it on my own or for my own good....

i'm going to think on that for awhile.

have a blessed night, friends. :)

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The great outdoors

This post comes to you from a hammock (please pardon the phone-formatting). Under a tree. After a day of (attempting to surf behind a boat) at the lake. New friends. Good food and UT football.

Chase and I have enjoyed this wonderful fall together with friends, family and a ton of good fellowship. It's been a wonderful balance to a semi-stressful workload and adjustment period with us both having new jobs. So...we rest and relax and have fun every chance we get!

A couple weekends ago we went to his papa's ranch and got to enjoy beautiful scenery, teased a few cows, ate pbj sandwiches and relaxed with Cody and Meredith. Quite the change of pace after such rigorous work through Aug and Sept. Note to those of you reading, if you work hard, get tired of your little apartment and feel like a run outside just isn't enough fresh air, get to nature...a ranch, lake or even nature center or reserve and rest. It's so refreshing.

these cows were right outside cody's tahoe window. i mooed at them. :)

the sun was so bright!

no hogs this time.... however, i think he shot a squirrel. :P


mer found a high place to sit after our hike thru the woods

That's all for my spill.

Adios. I'm going to go sit on the dock and watch the sun go down :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new job, rangers, rain! woot.

there's a lot going on guys!  can you believe it?!

well let's start off with the newest thing:
1. my job- enteral nutrition/nutrition support (medical nutrition specialist, if you want to get detailed) what is enteral nutrition?  people who can't eat by mouth (NPO) receive their nutrients/nutrition via tube or IV. for my patients, it's via tube.  something i never knew that i would enjoy! (rather was intimidated by for 3 years, yet the Lord is so faithful and fulfills His purpose in our hearts and lives)
bottom line
i love it.  it's hard. stretching me.  getting me out of my comfort zone. i'm still learning. will never have it mastered or completed...just the perfect job for where i am at in life. bringing hope and help to those who need it as well as letting Christ love work through me.
"how's it going?" everyone asks.  "great!" then i hit a hard day and think, "why am i struggling? i told everyone it's going well"  then something happens (usually a heart thing, sometimes tears, occasionally a drive, or coffee break) and Praise God because He is good and everlasting and never changing...unlike our moods. :/  (ladies, you know exactly what i mean!) don't kid yourself.  the Lord gives and takes away and I am learning that the taking away part has never been my cup-o-tea...especially when it means losing and becoming less. some of the events that i have most recently endured, i have realized this more than ever in my life.  Lord, You are Good.  You are Good.  Your Mercy endureth Forever. (You Are Good- by New Breed)

plus, we have things like this hanging around: (he was attached to a nasal canula...)

2. our rangers are in the ALCS again this year...heading for the win against detroit.  :) woo hoo!  get your antlers up, texas!

3. rain- did you hear it this morning?  because i heard it at 4:30 am and i thought it'd be reason enough to get up and do a short workout inside or something, but it's not what happened....i pressed snooze. about 3 times. (this about-to-be-daylight-savings-time is really making me tired)

anywho. how are you friends?  any special plans for the fair, fall weddings you are attending, family time?  i just love this time of year.

~~Best wishes for a productive Thursday and Friday!~~
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I like to think she's pinning on her lunch break ;)