Friday, November 12, 2010

"his and hers?" the butcher asked

so many things to be thankful for today. 
1.  my chase and his honest self
2.  my veterans that we celebrated with i have heard many war stories in the past year
3. rainy fridays- kind of relaxes me for the cool weekend ahead
4. the Lord placing me in the nutrition field- i truly love helping people understand it more in how it relays to them getting better, ...whether it's suggesting to a resident what to not eat with a colostomy, encouraging the check out lady at CM "how to get rid of her bloat," or suggest to chase and his friends the headache free way of eating...i love my role as a dietitian and nutrition coach
5. women of accoutability

thursday night filets
It's been a wild and crazy week for the most part.  Trying to finish out strong while enjoying it along the way.  Here's a peek at our Thurs night dinner.  I surprised my Mr. Wonderful with filets from CM....cooked off  with rosemary, mushrooms, Chilean red wine, and paired with red baked potatoes.
she: "Chase, come here, how done do you want your filet?"
he: "Medium" then he gets up to look at it.... "Remember I can't see red...  I'm sure it'll be great."
Never underestimate the great cooking skills of a dietitian- even if she isn't much a beef person. :)

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