Tuesday, November 23, 2010

some may say i'm a warrior...i'd say a muddy mess

 The messiest, muddiest race that I've ever ran.  Started with Kerby Lane pancakes, breakfast with Chase and Mark, the drive and the race

kerby lane gingerbread pancakes

playing yahtzee on the htc phone on the long drive

the long long wait to get in the gate

climbing the ropes

running thru fire!
mud pool at the end...i got behind the biggest guy on the course...was hoping he didn't sit on me!

finishing 28:42 17th in my age division, 104th overall
the muddy mess that i was at the end
So thankful for:
LaRae and Tyler- letting us stay with them
Christine and Austin- for their coupon (haha) to Santa Rita and their company at dinner
LaRae- for the yummy pumpkin choc chip cookies
Katie and Will- for sharing your bathroom with one muddy girl post-race because they didn't have showers!!


Amie said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting! You did a great job!

Mel said...

Gingerbread pancakes sound AMAZING. And that mud race looks hilariously fun, haha!