Wednesday, November 14, 2012

as promised...

well, i got a really great early christmas present.  the wedding pics are up and ready!  jessica pierce of jessica lauren photography is a wonderful photographer.  each moment of the day was captured in such a special way.  i adore the pictures and find myself re-looking at them over...and over...and over again. check out her work here. obviously i am partial to our venue and participants, however, she has some very creative shooting sites and beautiful models.  go see!  BUT before you do, keep scrolling.

here are a few of my favourites.  please take a few minutes to soak them up.  they are so very precious, and i hope that you see the intimate details that came together.  i would not change a thing.


Dad and me on our walk

I adore my parents.  This makes me smile every time I see it.

Love him.

The men.

The women.

 The stud.

oohh it's me.

Mom, Sarah, and me

 Our guests signed rocks as a guestbook.  What a treat to read all of our notes!  Our friends are creative.

 Beyond blown away by the beautiful flowers!

Details, details, details....not one dull space.  I wanted to see all of the things that my mom came up with, so I got a sneak peek the morning of...

Gran's hands.  I love her.

Marriage is simply the best.
Hope you enjoyed these.  Come share coffee with me and I'll show you all 400+ of them. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holy Moly - the month has flown by!

A month ago we were celebrating with a few details...

table arrangements, florals, and pumpkin cheesecakes (photo courtesy: DeAnna Masella)

it's been a little over a month since my last post, but a month ago TODAY we said "I DO" at 10:06 am. what a wonderful day it was!!

for my friends who know me well,  they could tell you that the last month has been an amazing time for chase and me.  honeymooning in mexico, moving into our first home, remodeling our first home, decorating our first home, watching TTU beat TCU :( but celebrating TCU beating WVU, celebrating 2 other weddings and getting to see so many family and friends in 4 weeks has been so exciting!  for those of you who peek in every once in awhile (or hey, wait around for a post), here's the update- we are doing great!

the wedding details:
we woke up to the coldest day of the season (the high was 51 degrees)
the wedding started on time
our guests stayed warm
the rain refrained from coming down
dennis married us and it was beautiful
we listened to our amazing friends sing, and my heart swelled with joy
the food was delish
we had cake, handmade by my friend, Kate
the guests ate pumpkin cheesecake
claudia caught my bouquet
cody caught my garter
we rode off in austin's F-150 and we had ribbon wands cheering us on

my groom (photo courtesy: DeAnna Masella)

the back of my dress (photo courtesy: Ana Contreras)

yahoo! (photo courtesy: Ana Contreras)

the garter throw, caught by Cody Ray (photo courtesy: Ana Contreras)

look at my beautiful momma (photo courtesy: Ana Contreras)

trying to climb my way into austin's truck (photo courtesy: Ana Contreras)

it was so much fun, y'all! (photo courtesy: DeAnna Masella)
More photos to come, promise.

things the guests didn't know:
we rented tents two days before to make sure that all was covered during the ceremony and reception
my parents and closest family and friends spent probably over 50-60 hours the week of the wedding preparing, hauling, setting stuff up for the big shin-dig
mom forgot her shoes
dixie saved the day!
our friend forgot to leave the keys in our getaway car, so austin and james took us to sonic happy hour before we headed back to the venue to truly say goodbye!

things i've learned along the way (yep, i am already wising up):
1. boys really are messier than girls.
2. i'm trying to not spoil my new hubby too too much with homemade meals every night, but gosh, it's easy to please a non-picky-always-compliments-the-chef eater.
3. sleep after a wedding is needed.  sleep after a wedding and during a remodel is essential.
4. our friends and family are amazing movers and completely irreplaceable when it comes to finishing out challenging projects.
5. friends are needed to encourage you to get to the gym (insert: thank you Abbi and Stacy) - when you are tired, tired, tired (see 3 above)

i have many more to come...i will wait :)  Happy Month to us, and Happy Voting Day to the rest of the world.  :)  It's a good day.