Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life is simple

Life is simple. I learned something on valentine's day from my Chase. It went something like this 'life is simple...' he had a wonderfully eloquent unplanned saying that I can't think of at the moment but it meant so much to me.
Why do we clutter our minds with the unnecessary things?
So basically he stopped me in my tracks by specifically calling me out in my perfectionism without even knowing it. (insert i like it when we can be brutally honest with each other and leave the conversation sharpened)

Life is simple.

I know there are hard times.
I live in them, too.
I work with them.
However, I rely on them to make that simple life... well honorable and pleasing to Him.

I lost one of my favourite people tonight. Sudden. Difficult. Incomprehensible.
She was amazing. Aunt Jenn, you are loved more than you ever realized on this earth. But now you are in pain, tears or struggle....(so sad i won't get to read your personally sent blog replies to my inbox)
Life is so hard, yet leaning on the words that Jesus once said, 'I am the way and the truth and the Life.'

He is Life. I've made my life so much more complicated. earning a living, the wining and dining of life, trying to fit in to whatever circle you're trying to be a part of, proving something to someone ... These things are far from Life.

I learned something on Valentine's Day.
It's challenging to live the simple life when the pattern and natural tendency is to complicate it. Relax may be to some of you a dirty word; to others a word of freedom. To me, the simplicity to life begins with freedom. I was promised it long ago. You were too. Accept Him as Life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ArT and CooKies

the cold weather and snow outside are starting to make me antsy for the warmer months.  don't get me wrong, i definitely like snuggling with my beau, watching chick flicks with the girls, and art nights with alma and kate however...those sunny days when the weather is perfect to sit outside and read a book just won't get out of my head.

know what else won't get out of my head? heart art and cookies
sarah and bendrix have a lovely little shop on etsy... i found these pieces here.  quite lovely in time for valentine's day.

originally i found them here @ happiness is... but i always like going to the real source (s and b)

other things....have you visited joy yet?  i told you that you should.  if you haven't, go see her lovely, little
v-day cookies here.

(**photo is courtesy of joy- please go visit her site) whole wheat chocolate brown sugar sugar cookies.
mmmm :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

My month long week

I respect nurses. Have about 4 of them in mind that are beyond amaZing at their jobs. Working 12+ hour days without complaining. "Hannah can you make me some coffee in your kitchen?" absolutely! You do your job- let me do mine by fueling you for the 3rd shift in a row that you've worked. With healthcare, work doesn't stop. With the elderly it really doesn't stop. I must admit i love what I do, but 3 12 hour days in a row are starting to make me feel like I need dementia or attention medicine. I know sleep will have to do for now, but it's a challenge. Thank you nurses for making me realize half the reason your jobs are hard, are the length of hours you guys and gals work in a row!! Wowza... The other half being the poop and throw up you have to clean up. :) I will continue my dietary roles for now and hope to learn from the patience you exhibit.
It's finally Friday. Hard to believe that there's snow on the ground and that I've used my ice scraper 3 days in a row now. But- it's fun. Challenging but fun.
Sunshine you're welcome to come out and melt the ice and snow.