Friday, September 10, 2010

the tricky things and the beautiful things

sometimes lists are the best way to express any-given situation.
here are some tricky things (thoughts, decisions, etc) that are processing in my mind right now:
1. understanding God's mercy
2. learning to love the hard to love
3. managing time
4. enjoying family when life is taken away
5. learning to use html settings to set a pretty background for my blog
6. getting through fridays when the weekend is hours away
7. opening bottles with oily fingers
8. knowing sarah is far away
9. deciding to eat healthy when there are unhealthy options all around
10. doing what you love

here are the beautiful things that manifest from thinking about any of these things for any given period of time.
1. never will understand His mercy. just knowing that He is all I need. relying on that one promise is enough to get me through any challenge.
2. mmm. still processing. "and the greatest of these is love..." 1 Cor 13:13
Heard the other day one of my close friends say, "I know I have to love (him/her), but I don't have to like (him/her)." I think this is so interesting.
3. we'll never be masters at this. i am convinced. no amount of organization or $$$ spent at the container store, ikea, or target will ever organize life...we just can't fit it in a container/file cabinet/desk drawer/journal/blackberry/macbook. so i am relaxing and just thanking God for patience (beauty) through it all. my life that is...and it's little nuances that cause me to stress over organization.
4. i learned a little bit more about loss this past weekend. such a bittersweet (beautiful) moment. can't tell you how sad it is to lose a loved one, but can say that i praise God for salvation and his promises for a heaven that is to come for those of us alive on earth that will one day be with Him.
5. beauty. not in a silly blog page. but the fact that He allows me to express myself in many ways. greatness.
6. i like that starbucks has free wi-fi to be able to give me a place to take a break from work. aren't breaks, pure bliss?
7. haha. had product on my hands this morning and couldn't get a bottle open. silly, i know. but the nerd that i am thought about the chemistry behind oily emollients and the things that break down oil. lol. what normal people call soap. hannah- go wash your hands already.
8. sending her funny cards. mail. beautiful thing. ...more importantly, the art of a hand written letter. thanks mimi for teaching me the importance of so many long-lost ways of art.
9. i gave in. baked goods. pumpkin loaf on a friday, just in time for my pre-run day carb-up. :) the beauty of it tastes like fall in my mouth and i haven't one single regret. i'll just sit here and take my time savoring it all up.
10. i live. that's what i love. reading a book, Lifegiving. wonderfully written by two ladies (Tamra and Tammy)- about life and things that go wrong and how, as women, we have such a God-given ability to offer life to others in so many ways. the beauty of it all, is that no one else (meaning men) can't do it the way we do. i love this. chase, you may call me a feminist or w/e, but i am truly happy to be blessed as a woman of God...i may not like certain things that i do day to day, but i love being a vessel who offers life to others.

be blessed, friends, today. not because of anything you're doing or are able to do, but because life is so precious. :) have a lovely weekend. ~h