Thursday, December 30, 2010

a few of my favourites this christmas...

diamonds, for christmas?  why yes, yes he did.

pretty sure dad was happy with his stocking. i believe those are his fave- pb m&m's.
this was probably after mom told him he didn't really need them.

so happy for sar bear and her own apt! lots of housewarming gifts...

emma loves christmas.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the hero with his pearl.

mondays can be challenging.  especially ones right after a long weekend at that.  however, i had one of the sweetest conversations at work yesterday. one that made me think and praise God for-  it was with a 95 yo man and his wife.  of course, i cannot mention their names, so we'll call them the hero and his pearl.  the conversation took place at his bedside, and began with my usual greeting and introduction.  i paused for a moment after introducing myself, to ask the hero who this beautiful woman was that was sitting with him.  he paused and looked over at her.  i wasn't sure if he was going to reply.  waiting.  maybe he forgot her name.  waiting longer.  maybe he didn't hear me.  so i waited a little longer.  then, i repeated my question.  he says," i heard your question, ma'am.  she's my wife.  her name is pearl."  i peared back at her to see her grinning from cheek to cheek.  then, he continued, "you see, we're newlyweds.  we've only been married ten months."  i wasn't sure at this moment, if he meant 10 years, had a bout of confusion, or really was telling me the truth.  so i paused, then looking at him, he repeated himself, and said "she is the best thing that ever happened to me. and trust me, i've been through a lot.  i was an air force pilot and not until my last mission was i ever shot down.  i've seen a lot."  ...he went on, "we met through her son in law.  after meeting her once, i knew i loved her.  she loves to dance.  i love to take her dancing.  we enjoy each other."  i looked again at pearl.  "they call us love birds," she said.  smiling like a 20-something newlywed, it made my heart flutter just to see how happy they are together.  pearl, then said, "i just am so thankful you all are making him better so that he can come home." pointing at him, she continued with a tear in her eye, "i miss that guy." 
i walked out of the room encouraged about my own life and love and one day husband.  we always hear of divorce, splits, affairs, and things that are not the least bit God-honoring....and then you get a hero and a pearl.  

~movie makers and song writers can try and create all kinds of love stories. some are good. really good.  i have my residents.  for now, i am content with their real life love and war stories.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

beautiful time of year.

It truly is one of my favourite times of the year.  This photo, I couldn't resist saving.  Then I decided to blog it....I really enjoy sitting in a boat, relaxing, observing nature, enjoying the sounds of animals and fish jump up out of the water...I think this picture is quite lovely, in its own earthy/woodsy sort-of-way.  Found it here.
(a beautiful, inspiring blog)  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year.  ~~
image by polly wreford
reblogged here florals and stripes blog

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

reflecting this December

festive reflections by shutter sisters

It's truly been a wonderful year!  This morning I was in awe of how much God has truly blessed me (and you!). I have too much to be thankful for to ever list them on a silly blog or mention the times, happenings and people, if you are reading this, you are probably one of the ones. Thank you.  You're a blessing and delight.  This Christmas- only 3 days away btw, I hope to spend time giving to others, sharing with others, and remembering how Christ has enabled me to be a light to the world around me by living, dying and raising again- enabling me to have life, and live it abundantly. Happy Christmas. ~~
(If you'd like, add a comment on what you are reflecting on this season...)
PS. I love your comments.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

winter thanks

today's the first day of winter.
fort worth's forecast: 80 degrees.
i saw a girl in a spaghetti strap dress yesterday and a man in running shorts and a short sleeved shirt.
isn't it supposed to be Christmas at the end of this week?

thanks to chase i am learning the in's and out's of changing features to my blog (more than just the template)...exciting things to come!

 photo by jim denevan- in siberia
what winter really looks like.

Monday, December 20, 2010

even closer....

it's the monday before christmas.  truly can't wait to spend time away from my usual routine, rest, and enjoy the people I love the most.  thought this was a beautiful picture.  i love real trees, even though mine is not...and not this big  - however, just thinking about it makes me smile.  hope you find little bits of beautiful in your day today. ~happy monday, hannah

borrowed from {this is glamorous} blog

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

can't help it.

simply pix- so cute
i couldn't help, but post twice today. found this on pinterest.  made me smile.  maybe you'll be surprised like this little one today... :) happy tuesday.

a few finds

the past couple weekends, i've been perfecting the art of relaxing.  taking time to just do nothing.  sit, read, drink coffee, watch a movie or two...browse the blogging world, and enjoy this wonderful season and its true purpose. jesus. :) his birth... and everything He is.

i'd like to share a few finds that i believe you can find joy in as well.  let me know what you think...if anything pulls on your heart or inspires you, i want to hear.

~ A wonderfully silly blog about a lady and her passions for baking and everything in between.

~Every time I read her blog, I giggle.

~Quite simply the best online tool for creating invitations and online cards.

anthro find. open. flip. read. flip. read. dream. repeat.

~happiness is... (shannon eileen's inspiration blog)
my favourite posts: rustic decor, playing cards, feeling

~currently reading...
recommended by the ever-so-wonderful, kate rudd.

Friday, December 3, 2010

her gifts....

signature gift wrap from here

as i was getting ready this morning, i had a few thoughts of things that i wish that i could get people this christmas. big gifts. big big gifts. ie: sarah would stress less with a full year of condo rent, chase and cody would receive a coffee table, their ever-so-needed bar stools so guests aren't sitting on the floor and their wish-list watches, mom's would be a replacement necklace (which i've been wearing) with real diamonds, and dad would get his "surround sound system" so that he doesn't become deaf with 'mom's shows' being blared, lola would get a year of maid service, and my dear sweet friends out in their missions fields (wendy & matt & rachel) would receive 10 new elementary schools and a library with all her favourite books.  some of the items as you can tell are out of my $ range.  however, it doesn't keep me from creating my list.

so i've come up with a plan.  a new way of sharing things with the people i love without the expense.  of course it's a secret for 22 more days.  did you think that i'd publish it?

i really wanted to post to see what you, the readers, would give if money, time, location, and all the other reasons weren't holding you back?

let me know. post a comment. anonymous or not. i'd love to know what's on your minds.
happy friday.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


oh to be rowing in a boat. day dreaming...and thinking of culinary concoctions to cook back at camp

the anthropolgist
meaning: "ancient nature," also a retreat in southern sweden
the anthropologist: a little site/blog/website put on by anthropologie (see link by clicking on ancient nature)
the site highlights artists each month.  wonderful artists.  this month's happens to be a photographer in southern sweden- check out the videos and photos on their site. they're beautiful.  a little fyi: when you enter the site, just click over the next photo and the pics slide to the left.

 my favourite

the treehouse

quite an amazing treehouse.  my friend, kate, and i have always talked of each having our own some day.  atop all the amazingly tall trees in a beautiful area of the world, sits a home.  secluded.  peaceful.
happy thursday, friends.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december 1 and all the wonderfuls happening lately


my fave dish this year - roasted sweet potatoes, pecans, and mom's touch

good morning

**welcome friday after thanksgiving**

homemade coffee in hand at walmart...2nd closest spot to the door - how'd that happen?

target- hunting deals for sarah's condo

best buy

the girls' post-shopping breakfast at panera

wish list

one black friday purchase (others cannot be disclosed at this time) :)

hellebore sweater skirt - anthro

finally race fave one is the finish line
thank you to the photographer who made me look accomplished :)
**note: the course had about 10 other obstacles than the ones shown...i would suggest brightroom
continue taking more pictures of all the entire course in the future since spectators aren't allowed on the course.