Monday, November 1, 2010

10-1 wonderfuls.

10.  sleeping in after a long weekend and the morning sky staying dark long enough for me to stay asleep!
9.  getting to wear jeans at work on a Monday- to root for the Rangers as they come back from 1-3 games against SF Giants.
8.  coming to work and finding out that I won a contest on a friend's blog from college mille baisers. $35 gift card to CSN stores. I never win things!...but I did today.  Thanks, Lacey.
7.  knowing I have the evening off to relax, watch the Rangers (and hopefully catch Mom in her new shirt on TV), and spend time with Lola and Emma Grace
6.  for once, not feeling too overwhelmed by work...staying calm and collected even though so many things are rushing around me.
5.  i have 3 special friends' bdays in November...I just love birthdays.  I bet they'll enjoy theirs this year. :)
4.  homecoming with chase, a target excursion, fire pits at the Monty, baseball, phone chess, beef filets,.. and *Coke...might be the best sunday night I've had in awhile.
3.  warrior yoga try it. bob's 15 min abs is highly challenging...however, you can feel your awesome abs after 2 workouts.
2.  the return of art nights~ martes a la siete con mis amigas y sus arte, la comida, y la musica
1.  It's November, friends.  A month to remember all the things we're thankful for...what are you thankful for?  I'll start, I'm thankful for the year that I've had; a challenging one with many losses (illnesses, my aunt veneica, my great aunt, several friends without jobs), gains (my job, my new friendships, chase, the rooted church, sarah getting in to U of H Optometry school),  and learning along the way that Jesus has been my all - in every part of it.  How great He is!

What are you thankful for?


Amanda said...

I am thankful for family and friends and for all the wonderful support that have given me on my return back to the U.S.

Darryl, Madeline, Caleb, and Tyler said...

a cool morning! my precious family! and wonderful friends! The gift of LIFE! love you!!