Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I heard it was November...why am I still stuck in August?

So, I'm a little behind ...I can't really understand how November approached so quickly and how I am so not ready for it to be Christmas yet.....I guess it means, I've been working too hard. ;)
I don't have all the time I need to post all of my wonderful pictures from the past two weekends, but they are definitely wonderfuls...if I can say that.?? :)  And after reminiscing over them, I feel like it couldn't be a better time than November...family, friends, Chili cookoffs, football, brisk mornings, and the beginnings of Christmas music in a couple of my favorite retailers...

My Thankfulness continues with...
November 6th- being able to sleep in on Saturday mornings.  For those of you who know me best, you know my passion for running and training for marathons (see below).  This came to a screeching halt about a month or so ago.  I had been training for what would have been my marathon weekend coming up on Nov 14th- Fort Worth Marathon when I broke down.  Physically, mentally, everything stopped.  I fell running in the dark and tore up my leg badly (thank goodness for the Lord and His protection, Amie on the road with me, and these).  The days following were ok, but I knew that the Lord had stopped me in my tracks for a reason.  Not to mention the family hx I have of knee and hip replacements.  At 24 yo- I want my legs in 100% condition...or as close to it as possible.  Running was not getting me there.  I am still a happy exerciser---just enjoying it from my 2nd floor apartment, with Bob, Jillian, and Windsor.

Laura and I mile 5 at WR Marathon 2008- excuse my facial expression,
I was really excited to see my friends Ana and Fern

Finishing the Bass Pro Half 1.44.46 (my first one!)- Nov 2008

Sarah and I celebrating in MO! :) Then we got bagels at Panera...
it was a whopping 7:30 in the morning people!
November 7th- Hot Days and Chili Nights- rather, I am thankful for wonderful gatherings of people who come together to enjoy each other, eat good food, and go home FULL.  (beans can do that sort of thing...when you don't eat them every day).  I suggest these or peppermint tea.
The Best City Group Table at the Event
(if I can say-so myself) :)
weatherman Jeff Jamison
November 8th- being able to love on my two precious cousins (as they grow up so fast!), Maddie and Cutter over  Halloween Weekend....best part of Halloween weekend, seeing Fancy Nancy and Spiderman. :)

So as we continue on in November, be thankful for the big AND small things...

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