Monday, January 7, 2013

Stronger in 2013


Since last October, a couple of my dearest friends and I have been working out at 24 hour and doing Les Milles classes- mostly body combat & body attack, as well as Nike Training Club (check the app out on your phone).  Boy, oh, boy have I noticed a difference!  The first few classes were brutal (Chase can attest to the multiple back rub requests).  However, now that I am up to speed with the choreography and the instructors, I am loving them!   We are so excited for the new series and versions to come out this coming weekend.  Join us if you're close to Horne St and 30 location.

I can't explain my excitement of sweating consistently for 60+ minutes, sliding around in my own pool of sweat on the gym floor, or having to wear multiple pony tail holders to keep my long-est-mane-i've-ever-had tied back, but it is a-H-m-A-z-i-n-G!

This past weekend, I actually noticed a difference in my strength (mostly in my arms) in doing my pushups quickly and without as many rest breaks as usual....
Which leads me to my fitness plans for 2013:
1.  Try as many of the Les Milles classes as I can that are around Fort Worth (even trying out other instructors/gyms)
2.  Completing at least one full class a month without sacrificing form, intensity, or getting on the wrong leg....(haha, you laugh, but come join us, and you will see...)
3.  No weight goal because obviously, that's ridiculous, but I do have a "look" that I am going for....
and as Micki always tells us before our ab routine "abs are made in the kitchen, and I've been in the kitchen a LOT"
4.  Plan at least one adventure race or 10-15K for the fall...still exploring my options.
There may be more goals...come spring and summer, or if I accomplish these before the end of the year. (How cool would that be? Needing NEW goals...)

Nutrition plans for 2013 (because we know this is the most important part):
1.  Take at least one healthy cooking class at CM (with a friend or Chase)
2.  Cook at least one new recipe a week (that's 52 this year, wowza!) I'll be posting these on the blog.
3.  Eat more greens (aim for that daily allowance 6-8 servings/day)
4.  Juice at least 2 days/week.
5.  Drink less coffee. (yep, there, I wrote it)

What are your nutrition and fitness plans/goals for this year?  Post a comment!  I love sharing ideas with each other.  

Good luck in starting off to our first FULL week of January!

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shanda said...

i just bought a pair of sneakers, so that's a start. :) i'm going to be using the treadmill that's IN MY HOUSE. i'll look forward to your new recipe posts!