Saturday, January 5, 2013

here's our 2012 onto 2013!

i'm finally posting!  yay for 2013 and all the wonderful things that are going on....

as most people are doing, i am reflecting on my time spent in the past year.  


Love my sissy

Sarah and Kyle got married!

Baby B is HERE! 


I talked to my friend Ana A LOT! Thankful for facetime.

I passed out a lot of valentines candy for work!


Abbi won The 2012 Outstanding Young Woman Award for Fort Worth!

G and me

We celebrated 
Grandmommy's 80th!

S and me


Lots of time with our village!

Trip to the FW Zoo with Cody & Steph

Lotsa coffee and gel nails with Trinh


WE'RE ENGAGED!  Chase popped the question May 5th.

We went to several Ranger Games!

Food Trucks, Arts Goggle and spent lots of time outside!


We went on vacay to Florida!

Beach living for a week...stalling on all that wedding planning!

Planning to ask my bridesmaids....

I was so pleased with the personalization of each of the invites

Trip to ATX to see our friends, Austin and Christine


We found our 1st house!

We ate Thailicious with friends (possibly more than once) ;)

We took B to his first Rangers Game!


We celebrated Steph going to TX Wesleyan-A&M Law School!

My bikini body training got serious!

We had a photo shoot in Trinity Park

I personally addressed all of my invitations for the wedding
(thanks to Bethany for stuffing them with me)


We learned how to be home-depot-home-improvers

We learned why people pay contractors so much $$$

Hard work pays is the master...just before completion
(Note- I am planning a post with before and afters)


We celebrated with friends
(Here: Christine & Wendy)

We celebrated with family 
(Here: Mom & Sarah)

We got married!

We moved into our first home! Thankful for all of our friends and family who helped!

We celebrated Ash & Dala's Wedding


We celebrated Thanksgiving and got B ready for his Christmas portraits

We put up our little Christmas Tree!

We raked A LOT of leaves, met neighbors and settled into our little home


Daniel & Stacy got engaged on December 8th!
We are so excited to celebrate their relationship and being in community with them

I made homemade herbed pizza crust for my family's Christmas Eve

We played with our new Christmas presents.  Chase got a Rocket Speaker.

White Christmases don't come often to N TX. 
We watched the SNOW this year!!

2012 has been a wonderful year for us! We are thrilled to ring in the new year together as a family, in our new home and celebrating so much new life with our friends and family. 

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