Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He's glorious

so, as the year continues to rev to full speed, i kind of want to say, "Hold on! Let's take this one day at a time." i am enjoying 2012.  so many things to be thankful for!  the month of january seemed to move along at its own pace, but february seems to be flying by.

so, i strive to live each day intentionally.

the new people i meet get my full attention, my patients get extra check up calls, my loved ones are receiving thank you notes, my bosses are hearing more praises and stories from me, and most importantly He is receiving praises for the glorious opportunities He's laid out for me. it seems that the days go by quicker these days and i run out of time.  haha even falling asleep on facetime just to see my sweet friend ana, all the way in mexico....however, not a day passes that i haven't lived it out to the fullest.

so i ask...what are you living for?  how has your perspective in the new year changed?  what have you been doing to change how you address your daily habits?

the results can be pretty interesting when you start focusing on relevant occasions, people, and give Him the glory.

:) hope you have a wonderful evening

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shanda said...

excellent post. this year has had a different feel to it. every day seems to be heavy with significance and purpose, even if my goal is just to get the play room organized! i'm more aware of His presence, and i'm finding that the little things just take care of themselves when i place all of my trust in Him. i'm happy and peaceful in the chaos of life.