Thursday, December 29, 2011

how convenient

so, i love my mom.

she and my dad have this entire week off of work and are enjoying it with each other. i got a call from them yesterday, late afternoon, saying that they were in fort worth "mucking around, shopping, and eating treats from j rae's and we would love to see you. oh wait, honey, your daddy wants you to know that his cupcake was 50 calories."

1. great! i'm in arlington, give me until 5pm
2. next, you're shopping?! with dad?! what?!
3. lastly, that cupcake was way more than 50 calories!

so we met up.
i got to browse around anthropologie with mom while dad was sent away to the apple store and b&n; all while we had quality time in our favorite store. :)

we got to pick out mom's new charms for her necklace as well as she found the most beautiful sequin blouse (that i have to keep top secret until further dates) on sale!  the sales woman said the store didn't get them in size small, so this find was all momma's.

hope you find joy in the small, unexpected things today.
xx, h

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