Thursday, February 23, 2012

that point when you're drained

what do you do when you almost collapse in a public place? i felt like collapsing in target today. luckily i had my buggy close to me.  seriously.  i was really tired, friends.

it's been an awesome (29 day) month.  i am excited to see the growth that i've made and the new patients that are on my case load, however, i have to admit that i haven't been taking care of myself.

staying up way past 11 pm, waking at 5am to exercise, not eating (enough), and when i do-never a complete meal, doesn't make a great dietitian at the end of the day.  you'd never know, unless you of course jumped in my car and chased me around for 10 hours.  however, you'd get so tired just hearing my 75 phone calls that you might fall asleep in the backseat with all my formula and feeding pumps. :)

but really, as lent has begun, my friends have asked me what i am giving up...i didn't have a strong lead towards anything.  now, come to think of it, it should have been pinterest. but, the pins just keep happening, so i think harder.

i give up overworking myself.

sounds easy, right?!

not so much.
this will mean not working 4 days at 12 hours a piece, not staying up after 11 every night, and not pushing myself to exercise if i haven't had at least 8 hours of sleep.  eating at least 3 meals/snacks and 64 ounces of water a day and way less coffee. i quite possibly drank 6 glasses today and 3 glasses of tea.

my friend, perry, wants me to give up coffee completely. by this, he wants my keurig machine for 40 days, however, i think i'd do more harm than good to those entering my space on a work day. caffeine has become critical these days to mental stamina. sad, but true.  but, drinking more water is definitely a must.

ok my spill is over now.  i need to be reading Ephesians, journalling my new goals, and resting (because I am skipping Perspectives tonight).

now...learn something from me. don't drain yourself to the point of collapsing in target.

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