Wednesday, December 14, 2011


who of you has an app that is absolutely wonderful for type A people needing help with organizing thoughts?  for reminders?  :) i am serious.

these days i rely A LOT on reminders.  i am not kidding about setting an alarm for everything!  then, i push a snooze on it and create a new reminder if i haven't budgeted enough time to do it. :) it takes a ton of my brain juice just to remember the in's and out's of the day, not to mention the patients that come in and out of my day that i enjoy pouring into .... just long enough to get me off my track.

many of you would say, you're just doing too much....
i might agree with you at this point in the evening, when i could go to bed at 8pm, yet i absolutely love what i do!

let me share a little story:
i have recently been helping get a family assistance with tube feeding supplies and moving their mother out of a rehab facility back home.  as always, there have been bumps in the road (delayed discharges due to illness, extra surgeries, etc), and the patient has now spent over 60 days in-patient and is yet to be home.  i called her daughter, my main point of contact this past week, to tell her that i was still willing to help them and she gave me the story. she appreciated my call so much....while i was on the phone with her, i mentioned that i had been calling her rehab every other week or so to check on her mother's status.  the daughter paused over the phone, speechless and almost in tears, she appreciated my level of concern and care for her mother even though i had never met her in person before.

we get to meet each other tomorrow for the first time face to face.  she called me today to tell me how much of a blessing it has been to work with me and my company.  she feels like she knows me.

i like that. :)

these are the stories that continue to remind me that i am exactly where i am supposed to be.  it's all about being a blessing because we have been blessed far beyond imaginable.

go and be, friends.


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