Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new job, rangers, rain! woot.

there's a lot going on guys!  can you believe it?!

well let's start off with the newest thing:
1. my job- enteral nutrition/nutrition support (medical nutrition specialist, if you want to get detailed) what is enteral nutrition?  people who can't eat by mouth (NPO) receive their nutrients/nutrition via tube or IV. for my patients, it's via tube.  something i never knew that i would enjoy! (rather was intimidated by for 3 years, yet the Lord is so faithful and fulfills His purpose in our hearts and lives)
bottom line
i love it.  it's hard. stretching me.  getting me out of my comfort zone. i'm still learning. will never have it mastered or completed...just the perfect job for where i am at in life. bringing hope and help to those who need it as well as letting Christ love work through me.
"how's it going?" everyone asks.  "great!" then i hit a hard day and think, "why am i struggling? i told everyone it's going well"  then something happens (usually a heart thing, sometimes tears, occasionally a drive, or coffee break) and Praise God because He is good and everlasting and never changing...unlike our moods. :/  (ladies, you know exactly what i mean!) don't kid yourself.  the Lord gives and takes away and I am learning that the taking away part has never been my cup-o-tea...especially when it means losing and becoming less. some of the events that i have most recently endured, i have realized this more than ever in my life.  Lord, You are Good.  You are Good.  Your Mercy endureth Forever. (You Are Good- by New Breed)

plus, we have things like this hanging around: (he was attached to a nasal canula...)

2. our rangers are in the ALCS again this year...heading for the win against detroit.  :) woo hoo!  get your antlers up, texas!

3. rain- did you hear it this morning?  because i heard it at 4:30 am and i thought it'd be reason enough to get up and do a short workout inside or something, but it's not what happened....i pressed snooze. about 3 times. (this about-to-be-daylight-savings-time is really making me tired)

anywho. how are you friends?  any special plans for the fair, fall weddings you are attending, family time?  i just love this time of year.

~~Best wishes for a productive Thursday and Friday!~~
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I like to think she's pinning on her lunch break ;)

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