Saturday, October 15, 2011

The great outdoors

This post comes to you from a hammock (please pardon the phone-formatting). Under a tree. After a day of (attempting to surf behind a boat) at the lake. New friends. Good food and UT football.

Chase and I have enjoyed this wonderful fall together with friends, family and a ton of good fellowship. It's been a wonderful balance to a semi-stressful workload and adjustment period with us both having new jobs. So...we rest and relax and have fun every chance we get!

A couple weekends ago we went to his papa's ranch and got to enjoy beautiful scenery, teased a few cows, ate pbj sandwiches and relaxed with Cody and Meredith. Quite the change of pace after such rigorous work through Aug and Sept. Note to those of you reading, if you work hard, get tired of your little apartment and feel like a run outside just isn't enough fresh air, get to nature...a ranch, lake or even nature center or reserve and rest. It's so refreshing.

these cows were right outside cody's tahoe window. i mooed at them. :)

the sun was so bright!

no hogs this time.... however, i think he shot a squirrel. :P


mer found a high place to sit after our hike thru the woods

That's all for my spill.

Adios. I'm going to go sit on the dock and watch the sun go down :)

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