Sunday, September 18, 2011

weakness in weekends

i've realized after working the past couple years 9-10 hour days, that weekends must be utilized for rest.  i guess it's my nature to keep going full-speed on weekends the way i do during the week days, however lately, by fridays, i just need sleep ... a good movie never hurts either :)  as we creep into fall (100 degree days are winding down, the sunlight hours are fading, and the fall fashions all over the web and inside shop windows excite me).

so, as we get into a new day...sunday...i snack on a small homemade pancake, drink a full coffee press, and am searching through my favourite blogs as i watch cinderella man in my man's apartment (while he's away). my body cries, "give me rest!" i am thankful that the Lord has given us the strength that we need to get through each of our circumstances, no matter how trying they are on our physical and mental selves.  as i fall lazy some evenings, i realize that in my (lacking) human strength, there is power in my weakness and turn to Him to receive rest (and strength). 2 Cor 12:9-10 (Paul's experience with weakness and the Lord's reply)

i pray that in reading this too, if you've been recently struggling, reciting your self-talk and wrestling with trying to do too much, you might turn to Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith and give Him the glory for His mighty ways. 

here are a few inspiring blogs to read for this nice sunday afternoon:

Note to Self - design student's blog. creative eye.  i like browsing her site for pretty things.

English Muse - phrases we owe to shakespeare. i like that she did this @ 3 am in her moleskin.

Nawasaka's - reads a book a week. check out her booklist here.



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