Thursday, September 15, 2011

flying through another week
So friends...we flew threw another week!

my first week is almost complete as a medical nutrition therapist. it's been so good. i mean it.  i love my new position, coworkers, schedule, flexibility with working and driving around dfw and then coming home and being able to chill for awhile...sitting on my porch and enjoying this texas "cold" front.

other exciting things:
1. tomorrow's friday and i get to spend some wonderful time with chase, friends, and have some alone time too. :)

2. PURPLE out- tomorrow! wha wha

3. today was a fabulous day (not to mention the weather did not exceed 90!)  had a great day traveling with gina and learning the ropes.

4. i might have done really well with my fantasy team last week.  just sayin.

5. i heart radio. ok, so i logged in. so far so good. now listening: missy higgins.

on another note:

have you been to the acts 29 or resurgence site yet?  they have great daily feeds and blog updates that you can get via twitter.

have you started pinning yet?

here's what i've been pinning up ....

hope you have enjoyed your week.  what have you guys been up to?


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