Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sometimes my blog gets quoted

It's funny. Ever since Cody, Chase's roommate found out I had a blog, he likes to quote things for me to post.
Note he's never read one entry...but he still likes to bring me inspiration.

Hannah, UT is losing. I'm about to win a $20 bet. Post that to your little bits of wonderful.

Hannah, do you realize how smart your boyfriend is? I bet you post that to your little bits of wonderful.

So last night we played skee ball @ barcadia. A new bar-game place in fw. They have Jenga! Big Jenga tiles made out of 2x4s... Such a fun place. So Cody you inspired me... With your ways to have fun in any place, any time....

Here's to quoting it Cody Ray.

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