Monday, September 5, 2011

i could live in austin

how's the weekend been?  i know, i know, it's monday, but it's still my weekend.  in addition, it's a three day work week for me, so i am happy.

this weekend we spent time with our dear friends, austin and christine in austin.  chase has known them for years.  it's been really special, because they have become my friends, too and i truly enjoy every occasion i get to see them.

this weekend consisted of: fantasy football, food, laughing, college football, old stories, new and old friends, and traveling around austin (oh and the draft--the annual draft that the guys do every year)...just having fun.  i hate to admit it, but the only pics i took were of food...i need to get better at that.

so instead, i found a few fun pics around the internet and of course on pinterest to share.

Fantasy Football Draft


mozarts in austin

herringbone UT colors :)

leather escape my closet soon :)
it's almost fall! pretty excited.  hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  it's going to be a good week. 

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