Wednesday, August 31, 2011

His grace

it's been a little bit. eh?  how are you friends? as i wrote before, i have internet. you ask, how is it?  great, if you follow me on pinterest. haha. i haven't blogged, though. hopefully will be able to work a little on the blog this weekend.  long weekends are made for blogging (the relaxing kind) and rest.

thank you Lord for Labor Day.

so, next week is my last week.  i transition into my new position helping enteral patients who can't eat by mouth.....truly excited about all the Lord is doing.  he is so mighty! the past few days i have been meditating on His attributes.  the one that i'm dwelling on right now: grace. oh how sweet it is. :)

so how are you?

wanna get coffee? or dinner? or better yet, come over for dinner and coffee?  we can make that happen. just let me know.  for now, goodnight. xo.

ps stay tuned for the pics and the excitement from art night!  so. much. fun. :) that's all.

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