Wednesday, March 16, 2011

conversations in my world

i overheard a funny conversation at work today.
the picture: two older (btw lovely) ladies in the ladies' room, washing their hands, and looking at themselves in the mirrors before they walk out the door.
lady a: every time i look in the mirror, i hope to feel inspired.
lady b: every time i look in the mirror, i am thankful i can see my face.
ladies: hahaha.

i couldn't help but giggle. i have no idea what lady a meant, but i sure was thankful for hearing lady b's reply. it reminded me...
some things are worth being thankful for- even if it means our vision is still intact.  i am learning a lot from my residents.

sometimes i think back to all of the conversations that i've had. some of them encouraging, some challenging, and a few--- well, a few that i wouldn't want to do-over.  however, i am truly grateful for the Spirit and His way in me.  i am reminded everyday of wisdom.  i sit sometimes and pray, let not these words be mine, but be full of You and your ways.  have Your way in me.

i pray for you, my friends, that you'd allow the Lord to change your life.  in turn, it takes a change of mind, too. His ways truly are higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:9) Oh and the great depths of his wisdom and knowledge (Rom 11:33)...

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happy spring lovelies.

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