Tuesday, March 22, 2011


today is tuesday. one day after monday. {most people's least favourite day.} 3.5 until friday. :) {my new favourite day.} so i reflect. sit in my favourite-purple-velvet chair at starbucks (you know the one that's near the window, not the bathroom, so i can see the sky and not the person coming out...akward), drinking my favourite drink and thinking about life.  in the midst, Christ's love surrounds me and reminds me that favourites are temporary...His life and work are permanent.

i spent a significant amount of time last night with one of my dear special friends.  we talked of love, time, family, life, death, the Lord, worship, free time, quiet moments, and the entire time i was at peace with the things going on in my life.  we got to laugh and share life together.  i truly enjoyed every moment.

reflecting on that time i spent, i had a favourite friend sitting next to me while my favourite manicurist/pedicurist gave me a pedicure ....one of my favourite treats after pay day...a favourite day for almost anyone.  as humans, we form favourites to things (days, drinks, food, hobbies, shows, clothes, friends, etc), however, my recent thoughts have deepened about this matter.  why do i do this so often... and is it what i want to do? answer 1: it's human nature to classify things and answer 2: it's just fun, why care, hannah?  well, i ponder the thought of lessening my favourites and opening myself up to more to what the Lord may be doing in other ways that may at first interfere or be "unfavored" by me.

my ideas:
1. time with friend     vs     with acquaintance i may share Christ with
2. eating favored foods                   eating new healthier foods
(aka cookies, coffee, etc)       vs     (kale, grains, green tea, etc)

3. less $ on hobbies      vs       more $ on giving 

i tell my friends all the time, "try this/that! it's my favourite." "go here/there...they're excellent."
but, i want to change my ways.  don't get me wrong, we'll have the natural favourites that just are what they are...but give it some thought...  what favourite things are worth re-analyzing?  which ones may be limiting you from growing as a person, or worse... sharing Christ with those longing for Him?


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Maude C./Lauryn B. said...

Yikes! This is so good!