Tuesday, March 15, 2011

rest. inspiration. **

it's been an amazing past few days.  love having the time just to relax and not do anything.  this past weekend, i was able to share some time with chase, my family and chase's family sunday night.  family time.  ahhh. wonderful.  and ps. i ate pizza.  and it was delicioso.

i've also been pinning a lot. on pinterest.  i've mentioned to you before in other posts.  it's greatness.  while chase does his 'work' - aka creating code to make his computer do his work for him, i peruse beautiful pictures like the following:

via here

via here

i believe also via here

** beautiful ** 

via anthropologie

i need to get better at saving my original sources.  (noted)
hope you are all having a fabulous week sofar. 
interesting weather here in texas. 
sunny yesterday. chilly and overcast today.  when will my garden grow? 
(i guess i need to plant things first) :)
truly inspired from several things happening.

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