Friday, February 4, 2011

My month long week

I respect nurses. Have about 4 of them in mind that are beyond amaZing at their jobs. Working 12+ hour days without complaining. "Hannah can you make me some coffee in your kitchen?" absolutely! You do your job- let me do mine by fueling you for the 3rd shift in a row that you've worked. With healthcare, work doesn't stop. With the elderly it really doesn't stop. I must admit i love what I do, but 3 12 hour days in a row are starting to make me feel like I need dementia or attention medicine. I know sleep will have to do for now, but it's a challenge. Thank you nurses for making me realize half the reason your jobs are hard, are the length of hours you guys and gals work in a row!! Wowza... The other half being the poop and throw up you have to clean up. :) I will continue my dietary roles for now and hope to learn from the patience you exhibit.
It's finally Friday. Hard to believe that there's snow on the ground and that I've used my ice scraper 3 days in a row now. But- it's fun. Challenging but fun.
Sunshine you're welcome to come out and melt the ice and snow.

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