Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ArT and CooKies

the cold weather and snow outside are starting to make me antsy for the warmer months.  don't get me wrong, i definitely like snuggling with my beau, watching chick flicks with the girls, and art nights with alma and kate however...those sunny days when the weather is perfect to sit outside and read a book just won't get out of my head.

know what else won't get out of my head? heart art and cookies
sarah and bendrix have a lovely little shop on etsy... i found these pieces here.  quite lovely in time for valentine's day.

originally i found them here @ happiness is... but i always like going to the real source (s and b)

other things....have you visited joy yet?  i told you that you should.  if you haven't, go see her lovely, little
v-day cookies here.

(**photo is courtesy of joy- please go visit her site) whole wheat chocolate brown sugar sugar cookies.
mmmm :)

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