Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspired by joy

Have you been to yet? You should. You'll enjoy your visit...i might call it a 'stay' bc I bet you'll continue to read through her entries. Her food looks and tastes delicious! I've tried a couple things. Interestingly enough, she's quite funny too. Even better when reading thru her visually appealing food-making-tasting-picture taking- entries. Since I'm adding this from my phone I dont yet know how to add a link to her website, but check it out. :)
She inspired me tonight to write a few peeves about myself that I think have made me quite unique. These days more than before ...due to things I will not mention to the world wide web. They include people, experiences, my job and well ...just time in life. Go!
1. I call myself an early bird but really enjoy staying in bed until the very last minute.
2. I hate it when people are late, but I walk in ~5 min late at least 2/5 days a week ....and should I mention my commute is <5 minutes? Ha!
3. I love to honk when people drive badly.
4. I only yell when - a)people drive poorly, b)I'm super excited, c)I hear a fabulous song, d)or sometimes when i feel no one is listening (especially if they are other drivers in their closed cars, with blaring music, and children in the backseat) sorry :/
5. I don't like Facebook but still have my account open so that if for some reason I need my friends to 'like' me for the moment, I have immediate access. (btw...kidding)
6. I can sometimes be a total bum and not want to talk to anyone, but other times miss and crave the company of others.
7. I have a huge passion for both ends of the life cycle...early childhood and the oldies. They may compare in dependency but are completely different, and should be treated in their own stages.
8. I'd love to open my own restaurant someday but dread learning thru trials.
9. I enjoy exercise but have dramatically changed my pattern and
Methods lately simply bc I don't want to wear out my body.
10. I don't miss college life, but would go back to school next week just to learn more about the human body, how it works, and ways to sustain it when things go wrong.
11. People think I'm a clean freak, but I have small piles of dirty clothes in my room and bathroom every day. And I can't tell you the last time I actually dusted.
12. My christmas tree is still up. My guess is it will be until invite guests over that I want to impress. Haha I don't even want to mention my other forms of procrastination.
13. I love to cook but it always tastes better when it's not planned or over analyzed.
14. I despise the smell if smoke, sharpies and gasoline, but enjoy mens cologne, chocolate chip cookies and the smell of a campfire.
15. Ive lived thru 4 years of Spanish in school and still cannot speak it fluently.
16. Oh the list could go on, but it's time to go so I can sleep in, be late and work with the most interesting, inspiring residents.

What are your peeves about yourself?

PS my girls who cook and bake, go visit joy! :)

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