Wednesday, January 26, 2011


First post via phone. Hope it works :)
First day I realized that I'm not working ruthlessly without reason.
First day I found joy in brokenness.
First night that I thanked Him for my brokenness...without self....
First time since I started Perspectives that I didn't procrastinate on my homework.
First afternoon I spent talking to a lady from England who thought it was weird that I picked up on her accent --when she hasn't lived there in years. "...way long before I was even born," she said. :)
First day I did some research on what natives from Zimbabwe eat. Totally falling for world food cultures....
First weeks I have baked in awhile,...oh how I've missed it.
Need petite cheesecakes or scones? Totally able to help you out :)

Im learning God loves firsts.
What's a first for you?


Ana said...

first time to download skype...and am about to video chat with Sarah!! :) So happy you are finding more things to do on your awesome phone! love ya!

Florals and Stripes said...

I'm Sarah from Florals and Stripes blog. You mentioned my blog in your 23 Dec post. I only just discovered it in my comments today. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.
Hope you're having a wonderful 2011 so far. I'll look forward to visiting your blog and keeping in touch.
Sarah xo