Thursday, December 2, 2010


oh to be rowing in a boat. day dreaming...and thinking of culinary concoctions to cook back at camp

the anthropolgist
meaning: "ancient nature," also a retreat in southern sweden
the anthropologist: a little site/blog/website put on by anthropologie (see link by clicking on ancient nature)
the site highlights artists each month.  wonderful artists.  this month's happens to be a photographer in southern sweden- check out the videos and photos on their site. they're beautiful.  a little fyi: when you enter the site, just click over the next photo and the pics slide to the left.

 my favourite

the treehouse

quite an amazing treehouse.  my friend, kate, and i have always talked of each having our own some day.  atop all the amazingly tall trees in a beautiful area of the world, sits a home.  secluded.  peaceful.
happy thursday, friends.

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