Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the hero with his pearl.

mondays can be challenging.  especially ones right after a long weekend...holiday weekend at that.  however, i had one of the sweetest conversations at work yesterday. one that made me think and praise God for-  it was with a 95 yo man and his wife.  of course, i cannot mention their names, so we'll call them the hero and his pearl.  the conversation took place at his bedside, and began with my usual greeting and introduction.  i paused for a moment after introducing myself, to ask the hero who this beautiful woman was that was sitting with him.  he paused and looked over at her.  i wasn't sure if he was going to reply.  waiting.  maybe he forgot her name.  waiting longer.  maybe he didn't hear me.  so i waited a little longer.  then, i repeated my question.  he says," i heard your question, ma'am.  she's my wife.  her name is pearl."  i peared back at her to see her grinning from cheek to cheek.  then, he continued, "you see, we're newlyweds.  we've only been married ten months."  i wasn't sure at this moment, if he meant 10 years, had a bout of confusion, or really was telling me the truth.  so i paused, then looking at him, he repeated himself, and said "she is the best thing that ever happened to me. and trust me, i've been through a lot.  i was an air force pilot and not until my last mission was i ever shot down.  i've seen a lot."  ...he went on, "we met through her son in law.  after meeting her once, i knew i loved her.  she loves to dance.  i love to take her dancing.  we enjoy each other."  i looked again at pearl.  "they call us love birds," she said.  smiling like a 20-something newlywed, it made my heart flutter just to see how happy they are together.  pearl, then said, "i just am so thankful you all are making him better so that he can come home." pointing at him, she continued with a tear in her eye, "i miss that guy." 
i walked out of the room encouraged about my own life and love and one day husband.  we always hear of divorce, splits, affairs, and things that are not the least bit God-honoring....and then you get a hero and a pearl.  

~movie makers and song writers can try and create all kinds of love stories. some are good. really good.  i have my residents.  for now, i am content with their real life love and war stories.

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Jennifer Kennedy said...

Once again, you made my heart smile with your stories! I love this one, and I love you!