Friday, December 3, 2010

her gifts....

signature gift wrap from here

as i was getting ready this morning, i had a few thoughts of things that i wish that i could get people this christmas. big gifts. big big gifts. ie: sarah would stress less with a full year of condo rent, chase and cody would receive a coffee table, their ever-so-needed bar stools so guests aren't sitting on the floor and their wish-list watches, mom's would be a replacement necklace (which i've been wearing) with real diamonds, and dad would get his "surround sound system" so that he doesn't become deaf with 'mom's shows' being blared, lola would get a year of maid service, and my dear sweet friends out in their missions fields (wendy & matt & rachel) would receive 10 new elementary schools and a library with all her favourite books.  some of the items as you can tell are out of my $ range.  however, it doesn't keep me from creating my list.

so i've come up with a plan.  a new way of sharing things with the people i love without the expense.  of course it's a secret for 22 more days.  did you think that i'd publish it?

i really wanted to post to see what you, the readers, would give if money, time, location, and all the other reasons weren't holding you back?

let me know. post a comment. anonymous or not. i'd love to know what's on your minds.
happy friday.

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