Thursday, October 28, 2010

my sociology lesson

last night we traveled to granbury on a mission to see one of chase's properties.  as we drove and drove...and drove some more, trying to fight my stomach growling and sleepiness that had set in from riding in the backseat of his dad's lexus, i looked out the window and saw an amazing sunset.  shades of orange, yellow, light blue, and the darkening of the sky to the east...all on country road over a pasture full of hay, tall grass and trees losing their leaves.  i haven't uploaded my pics, yet, but will.  see my sample below.  i refrained from interrupting chase's story to say, "look outside everyone!"  but soon enough, he finished and said, "look at that amazing sunset", and took ownership of claiming he saw it first.  however, i knew better. :)

*taken from wikimedia- just a visual to what i saw*
we arrrived at his "close to granbury lake" property.  pitch black outside.  using his htc phone flashlight and the car headlights, chase, his mom, dad, and i walked into the house wondering what we'd walk into.  nothing creepier than cob webs. thank goodness.  as we continued to walk through the property, i imagined myself living there and how different life would be in these kind of conditions.  (did i mention it was on a travel trailor lot?)

on the way home, i intended to discuss sociology with chase...whom "clept" out of it in college.  so the conversation didn't get very far, but all i kept rehearsing in my head was a video from my sociology class at UTA that talked about the differences between socioeconomic classes in the US.  the video changed my perspective for a bit on how i view others, their status', morals, family life, and beliefs. but that "bit of time" should have lasted a little longer.  i saw a glimpse of it again last night, as we drove through so many low income homes, lots, and trailors and saw the people living in them.  i was challenged.  i am still being challenged.  God reminded me again of how blessed i am and the things that have been given to me.  nothing's my own.  it's all His.  i thanked the Lord for showing me his view on life last evening as we rode away in a comfortable, working car to go eat out at a restaurant.  things that not all people get to do.  whether any of us have any monetary things that make us seem "rich" on earth, i am here to say, we aren't.  the only wealth we have is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  no matter what we strive for in life- a family, a good job, a nice place to live, retirement, etc, we must never forget that we have a greater wealth than any of those things.

my motion-not-so-lookalike

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