Sunday, July 31, 2011

sunday finds

how is your sunday, friends?  mine has been wonderful. healthy breakfast, pressed coffee, and time with chase.  i enjoy our casual, lazy sundays together.  browsing through and pinning of always something that i look forward to, and how can you not?!

my close friends know that i don't have internet at home so i spend few hours a week doing the things i'd do too often if not otherwise restricted. :) 

look through the following and let me know what you are up to this weekend? sharing a glass of wine with your friends? relaxing? sunbathing (or avoiding the texas heat)? shopping? reading? serving? cooking things that you don't have enough time for during the week?

strawberry balsamic flatbread- via joy the baker
workspace inspiration via sarah gabler

lovely view
via house of turquoise
also, several of you know about the little shirt business i had in college. the days of mixing my passion for design, need-for-creative-outing from organic chemistry and venturing into nutrition-food-wellness...
i was inspired today by rachel.  she has a jewelry business and etsy shop, and blogs at elephantine
her jewelry is beautiful. simple. elegant. all sorts of everyday lovely. 
check her site out- even just to peak at her cute pets :).  i love seeing how artists go from passion/talent to profession.  hers is quite unique.  good luck, rachel.  your work is beautiful. 

xo, hannah

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Tiffany said...

Strawberry balsamic flatbread...yum!! Looks absolutely delicious!