Saturday, June 18, 2011

fathers and daughters

People have always asked my mom if she wished she had a boy.  She usually replies, "No. God gave me my two girls and I wouldn't trade them."  While on our trip to AK, she replied with a new one, "I do." haha. I just think that speaks.

No, my mom doesn't treat my dad like a son, but there are loving reminders (usually revolving around laundry, tv rules, and grocery shopping trips). I'm so grateful for two parents that are absolutely wonderful.  They have trained us in the ways of the Lord- even with spankin's, being grounded from the phone, and not (ever) being able to call boys.

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.
Exodus 20:11-13 NIV

This weekend, we celebrate Father's Day- those living and gone.

I am so blessed to celebrate with my family. Happy Father's Day to Dad, Pa, and Papa. (as well as Hank, Steve W, Steve M, Randy T, Pastor P, Pastor D and several others who have been there to me in so many fatherly ways).  Truly thankful.

There was a late night show on last week. Jimmy Fallon's segment on #thatsmydad. I never tweeted anything about my dad.  But here's a few that come to mind:
1. Drapes clean clothes (worn once) over random chairs in the house. When asked if they're dirty, he says, "no I only washed the car in it."
2. "I'm going to Sam's, do you need anything?" he asks. Comes back two hours has lunch made.  He's not hungry and has about 5-10 unnecessary items in the car that mom now has to find room for in the pantry. (reminder that Sam's sizes of Glacier Blue Gatorade, animal crackers, and Country Time Lemonade are not the smallest things).
3. Flood Light + 9 pm Sat PM + Mom's Lexus SUV + Dad's desire for a clean car = weekly late night car washing.
4. wrapping electrical cords.  the right way.
5. text message every 6/4, 7/15, 12/23: do you know what mom wants for ______?
6. my reply, "Dad you live with her, just ask her"....haha. then I get the, "well can you pick it up?"

I'll stop there.  Oh man.  What would we be without Daddies?

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shanda said...

#1 sounds very much like my sweet husband. he wants a clothes valet, as if it would make this annoying little habit any better at all. ("i only wore it to wash the dogs" was the latest.)