Monday, March 28, 2011

I am my mother's daughter

She brought me panera today. Fuji apple chicken salad. Delish. If only panera learned to toast their nuts, mom says. :) we ate a lovely lunch, shared coffee and a small red velvet whoopie pie courtesy of I enjoyed it thoroughly. Probably because it was lunch with my momma. And I love her.

For those of you who don't know my mom. Her name is Joy. She cuts, styles, colors, highlights and pretty much does anything else you can imagine to a head of hair for a living. She's been doing it for years. Works at an amazing salon and has a fabulous clientele. Some even that hate themselves when they go somewhere else ... Because of the usual.. $, time, availability, etc excuses and then come crawling back because of their botched jobs. I love hearing the stories. Oh how interesting they are sometimes. But she's good. Really good.

She also has two dogs. Emma and Lucy. They live with her and my dad in their quaint 3-2. Happily. Days like today make me thoroughly enjoy my mom. Driving 25+ miles for 1 hour of my time. Lunch, laughter, tears.... I love her.

So, here's to a mom (...and dad) who never let me miss a month of having bad roots, never forgot to pack me a healthy lunch or who missed a concert or recital when I was younger. It's been quite a fun-filled 25 years but you're incredible. Oh how grateful I am.

Much love, your haha

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