Monday, August 9, 2010

i'm thinking...fall

It finally hit me this weekend. The heat. Not just summer heat. Texas summer heat. Maybe when the humidity reached 160% at 545 sat am and my face was sweating before I even took off running on the trails on Saturday. I was happy to have my Nike "breathing" shirt on...because I did a little of that Saturday.


Fall is sounding wonderful about now. Even the shades of fall are looking enticing. I told the florist at CM the other day that I wanted something fall... it was August 1st, and since I am not buying pencils or notepads or back-to-school clothesshe led me to a beautiful arrangement of PURPLE (eggplant purple) spider mums. mmm. They are now residing in little Martinelli's apple juice jars on my kitchen table, reminding me to GO PURPLE and also that fall is near. Warm sweaters, pants (that don't make you too hot and sweaty due to wearing pants in the 100 degree weather...yikes), scarves, football, getting ready for the holidays...ok. enough.
I am happy to be where I'm at. Fall will come. Just enjoying be a 20-something friend and loved one to my family and friends.

Great things are happening:
1. 2 sweet friends have new job arrangements that I'm so happy for...
2. I am getting better at putt-putt
3. My marathon is now scheduled
4. I have a new interest...

hula hooping. What did you think I was going to say?