Saturday, February 20, 2010

glimmer...(a post I wrote in January)

The joy that I've been overwhelmed with for the past week has been remarkable. When speaking with one of my friends tonight, I spoke of this joy and explained that it is surmountable for any human to feel on their own... I can only contribute it to the Lord in this time of my life. As I work, learn, play, grow, and fellowship with other people (Christians and those needing Jesus), I patiently share this joy.

The challenge to myself and anyone needing a breath of fresh air (seems crazy--but)- continue to pray for the fresh dose of God's love everyday. Deeper than we can even imagine is a love that is richer and more fulfilling than most things we've ever tasted. The flavor and taste lingers on forever...Christ's blood was responsible for it. The way Christ renewed himself everyday is the very example for us to follow. I know that sometimes the daily tasks of work, school, and chores get so daunting, but there is HOPE....and everlasting joy that comes with the fullness of the Lord.

How far can we take Christ in 2010? Or rather how far can Christ take us? Phil 2:9-11 Every knee will bow and every tongue confess...that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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