Saturday, February 20, 2010

a friday...

after a week of so many happenings, it's hard to believe that i made it through. short-staffed, state reviewed, illness running rampid, ....even forgetting to eat lunch... i just sing praises to the one and only Jesus Christ for the strength that i never have, but he has given to me.

things that made me smile today:
1. well, this was last night, but i wore my hairnet almost half-way home before i realized it. haha. lunch lady hannah for you.
2. found out that one of my staff passed his driving test! woohoo. i am so proud of you!
3. heard that snow is coming
4. wendy lynne is coming in a week to TX!
5. mom and me are spending the day together tomorrow, and that always makes for a better friday.
6. precious james, snuggled up to me as i was staying with him, and he said (as he played his DS), ms hannah, i am so comfy snuggled up under your arm. don't move. and give me more of that blanket.

the Lord is doing great things. please know, that if you are reading this and a believer, you are called to share this love with everyone you meet. if you have not yet, accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, He died for your very sins, was raised from the dead, and the mystery of his life is that he did it for works/acts/doings will ever be enough. he asks only for us to love, and serve him and share his love with others. may His Word be heard throughout the nations.

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