Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a few days late

This season has been interesting for us ...well, me. Chase doesn't blog, but I'll say us because my hubs has been alongside me every step of the way. To begin, I started a new job at the end of Sept, my granddad passed away Oct 16th, I've been gardening and sewing until my eyes cross and my fingernails split, and I ran a half marathon last weekend..but friends, it's been SO good.

The passing of my granddad was not tramatic - he had end stage dementia, weighed <120#, and had been declining for a few months.  He knew and loved The Lord with his whole heart.  Praise HIM for His saving grace.  There's no doubt that Max McKinney was a good man.  His passing was different (compared to the only others I have witnessed, my two aunts that were tramatic deaths two years ago).  It was one of those you almost hope for...the prayers in my heart were torn - my grandmother is now a widow, but he loved on her until his last breath.  My mom would cry, and tell me how his  quality of life has "gone downhill", yet...reflecting on his life, knowing his stories, prayers, laughter and the way he treated others made us somewhat comforted and at peace. 

Two days before the funeral, I was asked to do the eulogy.  That night, I said yes.  Then in a moment's time, I asked Chase and my dear friend Amie what that entailed.  Then I started sweating.  The next two days even down to an hour before his service, I spent reflecting on my Papa's life (of 79 yrs).  I was to tell my version of what he meant to me, how much of a great impact he made on my life, and how he reflected the love and mercy of Jesus Christ...without crying.  I rehearsed with Chase in the basement of the church just minutes before and kept thinking ... "I can do this.  This is a celebration of his life. He was a good man."

Friends, I did it.  I had a few tears and honestly made a few unknown to me friends/family members cry, but it was worth it.  His life did impact me, and it will forever.  This past week, I got his old wheelbarrow.  My parents brought it home from Amarillo, and it's ready for massive leaf collecting and spring gardening. It's rusty, red and perfect.  I see it and just know...there were many projects completed with it, and many more to endure. 

Papa you are so loved and very much missed.

On to the job and marathon
I am now consulting for long term care.  For those of you reading who need some understanding-
1. I meet with nursing home residents, perform nutritional assessments, offer recommendations for improving their status and follow up each month (sometimes more frequently)
2. With my job comes hugs, handshakes, flirting (those old men, not me!), singing hymns, serving ice cream, cranberry juice and lotsa coffee ☕️
3. With my job also comes creating relationships and loving on people in some of the hardest days of their lives 
I love it. I love my boss, my coworkers, and those I get to see weekly. 
Oh did I mention, I only work 4 days/week? 😊

I also ran a half marathon last weekend (Nov 10th).  I've been training with Amie since end of May-ish.  

                    I was really happy. 

               Isn't my hubs the best?

         Photo credit: Hannah Bratton

So far, it's been a wonderful season.  I'm learning more and more of his everlasting love for us and how blessed I am...I think this is an ideal place to be just days before Thanksgiving. 

How are you reflecting and spending this thanksgiving season?

***You might be thinking I forgot to post about my garden and sewing projects. There will be another blog post about those soon!

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