Friday, July 19, 2013

Updates: cleansing and puppy love

I haven't posted any updates, because friends, A) this week flew! B) I'm not eating enough carbs and well, we all know that our brains run on glucose C) I'm drooling over all my fav (currently hands-off) recipes, while trekking through Pinterest and my recipe collection and knowing all along that my brain's not working creatively enough to make some truly delicious tonight. 

No lie. 

I miss mushrooms, almond butter, chocolate covered powerberries, AND tonight I miss our usual Friday night homemade pizza.

I am enjoying fresh pineapple, berries, hard boiled eggs, toasted almonds, Mrs Dash and marinating with apple cider vinegar and Braggs herb seasoning (salt free).

This process is refining me. {wining over}

Thankful for today! 

We got a pup. {I heard you. You said, "awe!"} Chase said yes on Wednesday night and we picked her up today! {insert:another shrill from
all of my excitement}

Her name hasn't been confirmed (we take this very seriously), but I assure you it will be something just as precious as she is.
She is a Yorkie. Her birthday is 5/12 (an even number day in my birth was destiny), and weighs 1.6#. 
So far she loves naps, car rides, and looking cute. {we just got home}

 She's is adjusting well.  She has her cousin, Emma her until Tuesday, so hopefully they cuddle and Emma teaches her how to chew rawhides and not my flipflops. 

I'll post my new fav recipes this weekend that we tried this week and really enjoyed.  All grumbling aside, it's been a good week. ;)

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